4.0.1 Gravity Forms Signature Addon

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Gravity Forms’ Signature Add-On allows you to capture signatures online, allowing users to sign your forms using a touchscreen device, touchpad, or mouse. Quickly and easily integrate the signature feature into your forms without the need for end users to install any special browser plug-ins.

Easy to use
Enabling online signatures is as easy as adding a signature field to any form using a form editor.

Touchscreen device support
Allows users to easily add their signature when submitting forms on an iPad or Android tablet.

Cross-Browser Support
Works on all major browsers, including desktop and mobile. Includes IE, FireFox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, iOS Mobile Safari, Android and Blackberry.

No browser plug-ins.
It is completely browser-based and does not require third-party browser plug-ins. The only requirement for your client is to enable Javascript support in your browser.

System Requirements
Gravity Forms Signature Add-On requires Gravity Forms v1.6.2+, WordPress v3.3+, PHP 5+, and support for the GD library.

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