1.1.7 Gravity Forms Color Picker

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Adding swatches to radio, checkbox and single-line text fields
We built the Gravity Forms Color Picker plugin on top of the popular Image Choices plugin for Gravity Forms. Our Color Picker plugin can be taken right out of the box and works in the same way as Image Choices. When you add any checkbox or checkbox-based fields, just check the “Use Color” option.Gravity Forms Color Picker supports single box fields, checkbox fields, and single text line fields.

Bring your forms to life!
The Gravity Forms Color Picker add-on lets you bring a whole new color life to your forms. Let your users choose from your pre-defined swatches, or even let your users choose a custom hex value from the color picker.

Gravity Forms Color like never before!
With Gravity Forms Color Picker, you can present your users online with unprecedented color options.Perfect for customers selling creative artwork, physical products or even digital products online, Gravity Forms Color Picker allows you to present color options to your users in an advanced way.

Allow your users to choose custom colors
The Gravity Forms Color Picker plugin allows you to add the ability to select from color samples using radio or checkbox fields. If you use a radio or checkbox field, just check the “Other” option and you’ll get a color picker swatch that allows your users to select the color they want.

Display the color palette in administrative entries and email notifications.
The Color Picker plugin allows you to decide how you want to display your form entries. You can default to normal Gravity Forms text-based values, or decide to display your user entries as color samples in the Manage Entries screen. It’s your choice for each field.

Use the selected color in your form or theme style.
Want to change the look of your website, text, graphics, or artwork presentation? We’ve made it simple for your users to choose colors from the form and apply them immediately to the many styling options on your site. Check out more demos on JetSloth Labs.

Compatible with JetSloth’s image selection and collapsible sections.
We’ve ensured that Gravity Forms Color Picker works effortlessly out of the box with customers already using our popular Image Choices and Collapsible Sections plugins. Continue to use our suite of plugins, but enhance your forms experience by adding color options.The Gravity Forms Colour Picker plugin is compatible and tested with the latest versions of Image Choices 1.2.5 + and Collapsible Sections 1.0.13 +.

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