1.9 Gravity Forms Active Campaign Addon

Seamless Integration
Automatically add users to your email list when a form is submitted.

Just like Gravity Forms, the ActiveCampaign plugin is built with stability and ease of use in mind. Need a rock-solid WordPress forms solution that’s trusted by the biggest brands in the industry? Look no further.

Are you already a Gravity Forms user? Use your existing forms to opt-in users to your mailing list with just a few clicks. No need to use other add-ons or write custom code to do what you need; just connect your ActiveCampaign account and enable it in your forms.

Custom Fields
Get more than just an email address from your ActiveCampaign subscribers.

Segmentation is key when running a high-converting email list. With Gravity Forms’ ActiveCampaign plugin, you can send custom field information from any other field on your form.

Need to know which forms on your WordPress site are converting the most? By leveraging custom field data, you can send all the custom metadata you need directly to ActiveCampaign with just a few clicks.

Opt-in Conditional Logic
Why clutter up your mailing list with users who won’t convert? With the conditional logic inside Gravity Forms, you can easily segment your subscribers to subscribe to only your most valuable leads.

Send the Last Broadcast
Your content is valuable. So why wait until the next time you send out new mailing list content to contact your new subscribers?

With the ability to send your last broadcast, you can easily send your latest content to each new subscriber. They subscribed to your mailing list for a reason. Give them the content they crave!

Product Information

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