8.0.7 Global Gallery – WordPress Responsive Gallery

Global Gallery handles unlimited image sources and comes with four gallery layouts, seven ready-to-use lightboxes designed to be displayed on every device. It comes with a fully functional slider and carousel ……

Feature List
Unlimited albums. Each one is capable of storing thousands of images
4 gallery layouts: standard (fixed image size), column, masonry and photo string (reasonable)
Gallery image tag filtering and searching
Image-to-Gallery system with 6 different layouts and multiple customizations
Image slider with fixed/responsive size and lightbox support
Image rotation with multi-column and image-centric mode + lightbox support
Visual gallery builder with drag-and-drop sorting and thumbnail crop management
Automatic gallery fill with automatic cache updates
Automatic sorting of gallery images by title, author and date (note: by date is only available for WP sources)
SEO deep linking engine for gallery and collection system
Self-hosted image sitemap
Self-hosted image management system: direct folder creation and file uploads using IPTC metadata read/update
Unlimited image sources
Wordpress Image Gallery

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