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Ensuring sustained income through regular contributions
Do you know what online donations you can count on this month? This quarter? And this year? When you give your donors the ability to give on a regular basis, you’re all set!

GiveWP’s Recurring Giving plugin brings you more reliable payments by allowing your donors to give regularly at different intervals. Allow your donors to choose how often and how much they give. Manage your subscriptions, view specialized reports, and build more strategic relationships with your recurring donors.

Provide your donors with flexible recurring giving options.
Create really powerful recurring giving forms with a wide range of settings. You can give your donors complete control over how often they give or decide on a predetermined time period and amount. The choice is yours.

The Donor’s Choice feature allows you to customize how your donors choose their subscription period.

Compatible with multiple payment gateways
Use the most popular payment gateways to accept recurring donations. You can use Stripe, PayPal Standard or Pro, Authorize.Net, etc.

Stripe and PayPal for recurring donations
Setting up Stripe recurring donations is easy with GiveWP. Stripe supports subscription donations with credit cards and direct bank payments (ACH). Your donors never have to leave your site to complete their subscriptions.

Donors who prefer PayPal can also donate on a recurring basis.GiveWP supports PayPal Standard and PayPal Pro.

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