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Notes on testing Paytm.
At the time of writing this document, test transactions are not viewable in the Paytm account dashboard. A successful payment will be displayed in the give though so you can confirm that the payment is correctly processed in the Paytm temporary storage environment.
The test OTP credentials are as follows.
Mobile Number: 77777777
Password: Paytm12345
OTP: 489871
You will be able to use your own card information when using your debit/credit card for test transactions. No money will be charged to your card and you will be able to test the payment process.
For in-depth documentation on Patym checkout, please see the payment gateway documentation.
Paytm Live credentials
After you have confirmed that your integration is working properly, you need to enter your live Paytm credentials in the Give Paytm Gateway settings. First, log in to your Paytm account dashboard and click on API Key in the sidebar navigation. After that, click on the Production API Details tab and complete the following steps.

Enter the Production Merchant ID of the Paytm interface in the Live Merchant ID field of the Give Patym Settings screen.
Enter the Production Account Secret Key from the Paytm interface in the Live Merchant Key field of the Give Paytm setup screen.
Once your account is activated, enter it in the Live Site Name field. Copy and paste it into the “Give Paytm Settings” page.
Once your account has been activated, you can enter it in the “Live Industry Type” field. Copy and paste the details to the Give Paytm Settings screen.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
The following sections provide useful troubleshooting information if you are experiencing problems with add-ons or integrations.

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