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Allow your donors to switch to the currency of their choice and increase your overall donation with the GiveWP Currency Switcher plugin. Choose from an extensive list of currencies, set currencies based on your user’s location, and pull more currencies from real-time exchange rates!

Introducing GiveWP’s Currency Switcher Plugin
Donors often prefer to give in their own currency. Providing donors with the option to switch to their currency can reduce abandoned donations and increase overall giving. The Currency Switcher plugin has an intuitive interface and powerful features designed to give you flexibility in setting up multi-currency donation forms.

Let’s review some of the most powerful features.

Intuitive Multi-Currency Interface
Switching currencies should be super easy for your potential donors. We’ve tweaked GiveWP’s already intuitive interface to support multiple currency options, as well as mobile, tablet, and, of course, computer interfaces.

Location-Based Currency Switching
Eliminate confusion about foreign currency donations. Enable automatic selection of the donor’s currency based on the visitor’s location. This feature uses MaxMind, a leading GeoLite data provider, to detect the user’s location in the most reliable way possible.

Automatic exchange rate updates.
Eliminate exchange rate hassles. The Currency Switcher plugin allows you to select from the leading exchange rate APIs to retrieve the exact exchange rate for all currencies you accept.

Customize Currency Exchange Rates
Usually, when switching currencies, the donation level will not be an even amount. If you want more control over the amount of each currency, then you can easily adjust it manually. This applies to both setup and multi-level donation forms.

Granular Gateway Control
Some gateways only support certain currencies. To fine-tune the gateways you accept, we have built a great tool that allows you to choose the currency of each gateway on a global and per form basis. Choose the currency of each payment gateway you accept on a global and per form basis. giveWP is the only donation platform that has this type of support for various currencies for each gateway.

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