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This document provides an overview of the GiveWP annual receipts plugin. It covers how to enable annual receipts and how donors can view and download their receipts. It also covers how webmasters can view and download individual donors’ annual receipts. Getting started is a two-step process.

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Donor’s Annual Receipt Page
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The first step to get started with Annual Receipts is to download and install the GiveWP Annual Receipts plugin.

Next, you will need to enable Annual Receipts. In your WordPress admin, navigate to “Donations > Settings > Annual Receipts”. Select “Enable” and you’ll be able to see the options available to you. Click “Save” and you’re ready to get started. Click “Save”. A link will now appear on the donation history page that says “View your annual receipts and detailed donation history”. Learn more about what donors can do on this page.

PDF files are available for immediate viewing. For more customization, see the Annual Receipt Settings area at the bottom of this page.

How can your donors view and download their annual receipts?
Donors can now securely view their giving history through a link on the Giving History form.

Direct your donors to visit the Donation History page to download their receipts. Depending on your settings, they will need to log in or confirm their identity via email. Go to Donations > Settings > Access Control to enable or disable email access. If email access is active, users will be able to authenticate via email. If disabled, they will need to have an account on your website to log in.

Read about the pros and cons of using email access on your website. Read our documentation on our donation history page for more details.

How to Send an Annual Receipt PDF to Donors
Webmasters can also access individual donors’ annual receipts from the donor details page. This is useful for sending a PDF file directly to the donor via email or mail.

Navigate to “Donate > Donor” and open the donor’s profile. At the bottom of the individual donor screen, you’ll see a table listing all of the annual receipts for that donor. Open each PDF file in your browser and click on the link, or select click to save to your local computer. You can then email the receipts to the donor or print them out.

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