GeoDirectory Review Rating Manager

Customized review fields and more
With our flexible multi-rating and comment manager, you can turn your website into a professional comment directory. No hassle!

In a process similar to that used by TripAdvisor, visitors rate the overall performance of each business and then fine-tune their ratings using as many individual ratings (multi-ratings) as you choose.

Multiple ratings help get better reviews
Quality, price, cleanliness, friendliness – there is no limit to the criteria you can apply. Thus, reviewers can add a new level of detail to their reviews and users are able to better form opinions.

Unlimited review options Make it easy for users to provide incredibly detailed reviews.
Customizable strings for each rating item let you explain what the score represents; very poor, poor, fair, very good, excellent.
Customizable Rating Input Lets you set ratings using Font Awesome icons, custom images, or a simple selection drop-down menu.
Set different rating and review options for each post type and its category. For example, you can assign a “room service” score to a category such as hotels, but exclude it from a category such as campgrounds.
There is no half-star limit on the rating output, and our percentage based background padding means that the indicated scores are accurate and not limited to half-stars.

Fully customizable rating styles
Set all aspects of the rating input to perfectly match the appearance of the catalog.

Icons, images or selection drop-down menus for rating inputs allow you to display exactly what you want to enter.
1500+ Font Awesome 5 icons mean you can quickly create rating styles for any scene.
Foreground view and background color options mean your ratings look good anywhere.
Custom ratings; 3 stars, 5 stars, 10 stars or any value in between. Set a specific score for each rating item for complete rating control. In addition, each score number rating text is customizable.

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