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Your Global Business Directory
If your directory site covers more than one city, you will need the Location Manager plugin. Our core plugin, available for free on WordPress.org, only allows you to submit listings within one location (city, town or village). With the Location Manager, you can expand your directory and go global.

Unlimited locations. – With the GeoDirectory Location Manager add-on, you can create an unlimited number of locations for your listings.

No pre-populated locations. – Save a lot of time by not having to pre-populate locations. When a user adds a listing, the location is populated. the Google API or Open Street Maps can get the correct details.

Directory of specific locations, no problem. – Location Manager can limit the listings to any location. 3 countries, 5 regions, 12 cities? No problem.

SEO friendly location pages. – Each location page can have its own meta information, text description and featured image. By default, we use a generic global meta information and replacement variable (%%location_name%%).

Yoast SEO sitemap support. – Using the Yoast SEO plugin?GeoDirectory will automatically generate a sitemap for your location.

Our Smart Location Switcher
A core part of any multi-location directory is the ability to switch between locations, and our intelligent location switcher makes it very easy.

Automatically provide location suggestions based on your location. – Turning on the location switcher will present a list of the nearest cities based on the proximity of your location. The user will always have the most relevant suggestions.

AJAX-based location suggestions. – Start typing the location you want to view and we will AJAX search any location stored in the database.

Backtrack approximation search. – If the search returns zero results from your location database, we will; automatically geocode the search text; provide a list of location suggestions from the Google API or OSM API; and allow the user to perform an approximate search for that location. So, even if a location is not in your database, you can still display the listings closest to the user’s search.

Saved search history. – Opening the location switcher again displays the most recent search results for quick access.

The location switcher is where you want it to be. – The toggle can be accessed in a number of ways, the simplest of which is the menu item. Our GeoDirectory menu items include the toggle, which can be used anywhere in any menu. The toggle can also be displayed via a shortcode, widget or block and is page builder friendly.

REST API. – All location queries made by the location switcher are made through the WordPress REST API, which means requests are faster, future proof, and developer friendly.

Smart Location Search
Smart Geolocation Search. – The “Nearby” field in the Directory Search field has the same smart geolocation features as the Location Switcher. For your users, location search is quick and easy.

Display Current Location. – The search field will display the current location. Users will know exactly where they are searching. Simply hover your mouse over the field and an X will be displayed, which will clear the field and allow the user to search for a new location.

Location-aware URLs. – “Near Me” searches always include GPS in the URL. selecting “Near Me” from the location switcher will produce a nice permanent address that is easy to share with friends. /location/near/me/39.952371,-75.163601/

Location-aware autocomplete. – When paired with our advanced search plugin, Location Manager can filter AJAX search suggestions to be limited to the current location (or set to search all locations based on your directory needs).

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