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Create your Advanced Active Directory
Our GeoDirectory Event Directory plugin gives you all the functionality of a standard custom post type, but with event-centric fields and sorting.

Recurring Events lets users add an event just once to automatically populate the recurring listings in the directory.
Advanced filtering options let users filter events to show only those that fit their date.
Multiple event CPTs, combined with our custom post type plugin, you can make any CPT event specific.
Pricing specific pricing features for the Pricing Manager. Upsell features such as “Repeat Event” by limiting it to paid price packs only.
Linking events to a “Venue” CPT (requires CPT plugin), and displaying a tab for all upcoming events on the Venue list, and linking to venues from the event list.
The Calander view is a useful feature that will show the user which days of the month there are events running.
Advanced Search – Using our Advanced Search plugin, you can add date fields to the main search field to allow accurate date searches.

Recurring Event Types
Regardless of the type of event, our event plugin provides you with recurring events.

Daily – Daily or every X days.
Weekly – Repeat weekly or every X number of weeks. Set the day of the week for recurring events.
Monthly – Set up monthly or every X number of months. Set which day of the week to start and which week of the month. So allow options such as the second Friday of each month.
Annual – Set the yearly or every x years.
Customize options to display the calendar view and allow you to select specific days.
Advanced event filtering
The main goal of any event website is to show relative events to users. As such, there are many ways to filter event dates. By providing specific links for each of the following time periods, the links will always be relative no matter where they are shared.

Upcoming – Displays all upcoming events.
Past – Displays all past events.
Today – Shows only events that have happened today.
Tomorrow – Shows only events that will happen tomorrow.
+7 Days – Shows events that will happen in the next seven days.
+30 Days – Shows events that have occurred in the next 30 days.
This Weekend – shows only events that have occurred in the current weekend.
This Month – Shows events that occurred in this month only.
Next Month – Shows only events that occurred in the next month.
Next Weekend – Shows only events that occurred in the next week.

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