GeoDirectory Custom Post Types

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Managing a large, diverse directory just got a lot easier.
Take advantage of the full power of WordPress Custom Post Types (CPT) to provide and manage multiple list types.

By default, GeoDirectory provides a single custom post type called “Places”. This add-on allows you to create and add any number of CPTs that you need.

You can create as many CPTs as you need, allowing you to divide them into categories and manage the features and parameters of each CPT.
Each CPT has its own form builder, so you can add any custom fields, prices, custom categories, and labels you need.
Set it to no location, create listings with no physical location, and create a directory of websites or online services.
Each CPT you create will have its own dedicated sidebar menu and management system, just like Places.

Use with the Advanced Search Filter to provide truly granular search.
This plugin also integrates perfectly with our Advanced Search Filter plugin. Used in conjunction with both, you can search by post type and apply search filters by post type. For example, a CPT for “Hotel” could have filters such as “Free WiFi” or “Pets Allowed” to provide a truly granular search experience for your users.
Custom post type search field

Links to custom article types
Linking CPTs is a great feature to boost your directory level. Link one or more CPTs together.

A simple example is a “Hospital” CPT and a “Doctor” CPT. linking them together allows you to have a hospital listing tab that shows all the doctors who work there. And the Physician CPT could show links to the hospitals where the doctors work.

A more advanced example might include multiple CPT links. A fishermen’s website might have links to “boats”, “companies”, or even “references” for other fishermen on the same CPT.

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