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Compare everything!
Use the “Compare Listings” plugin to allow your users to view listings side-by-side and compare important information.

Many types of directory sites can benefit from a quick and easy comparison chart. For example, users of classifieds or lodging directories can quickly compare multiple listings for things like features and prices. In fact, many directory types can take advantage of such a feature.

Key features of comparison listings
Will this be a feature your users can’t live without? Many large directories are using such features. We have extracted the best features from them to create our add-ons.

Here are some of the top features.

Compare up to 5 listings at a time. (The maximum number can be changed easily.)
Easily set the fields displayed in the comparison table.
Compare lists in a lightbox without leaving the page you’re on.
Dedicated shareable URLs, so you can easily share with your friends.
A fully customizable compare button, both for added/removed icons and text, customize the color and size of the button.
The compare button can be used as a shortcode, widget, or block, making it easy to adapt to any template.
Use shortcodes or blocks to embed a comparison table into a page or blog post with a specific list ID.
Comparisons can be made on multiple pages. Previous selections remain in the comparison list until they are deleted.
We use browser storage to remember selections, which means no cookies or sessions, and no GDPR concerns.
The Compare List plugin integrates perfectly with our other plugins, such as Custom Post Types and Events. As a result, you can set up different fields for each CPT and a different comparison list for each CPT, so you don’t mix different post types when comparing them.

How to use the Compare Lists plugin
Using this plugin is simple. Once activated, add a dedicated share page and the rest is simple 123.

Add a comparison button. For best results, add it to the Archive Project template and the Details sidebar or the main template.
Select which fields should be displayed in the comparison table. Set this under the Custom Fields “Where to display” settings.
If you’re writing a blog post or a page, you can use the included shortcode or block to add a comparison table for a specific list.

Product Information

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