1.4.11 FooEvents Seating

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FooEvents Seating
The FooEvents Seating plugin is an extension for FooEvents that allows your guests or attendees to select their seats at checkout based on the layout of your venue. This plugin can be used to specify rows and seats in a conference room or theater, tables and the number of chairs at the table etc. You can create VIP sections or restrict attendees to seats in other higher or lower priced areas.

Designing a seating plan
Manage seating arrangements at your events with our flexible seating chart generator. Simply create seating groups (rows, tables, sections, etc.) and set the number of available chairs. You can even associate seating with product changes so you can sell seats at different prices. Row names and seat numbers will be displayed on your event tickets for the convenience of your attendees.

Visual seating map
At checkout, attendees are presented with a visual seating chart and they can choose their own seats. When setting up your event, you can customize the color of your seats to perfectly match your site’s design.

Manage assigned seating
Manually control the individual seats that can be booked and the seats that cannot be booked by attendees.

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