1.12.48 FooEvents for WooCommerce

FooEvents adds effective occasion and ticketing functions to WooCommerce without any fees or commissions, and you don’t need to be a programmer to start and run FooEvents on your website! With WooCommerce’s FooEvents, you can sell tickets and manage check-ins for almost any type of occasion (such as performances, camping, university events, fundraising events, conferences, sightseeing tours or sports installations).

FooEvent for WooCommerce.
FooEvents provides powerful occasion or ticketing efficiency in line with WooCommerce. Selling tickets allows similar reasons for various occasions, such as concerts, church camps, university events, fundraising events, conferences, and sports events. The FooEvents option can continue to run, and then run within a few minutes. No experience required!

Free check-in
Currently, using awkward spreadsheets or Zap bushes for war is not required, you can check in events in our free and very easy-to-use copy of the iPhone and Android apps. The FooEvents Check-ins application will use the tool after entering your event like a professional.
Professional management function
View the entire participant’s occasion registered for you
View participant information
Search because the participant uses a well-known or tag ID
Filter participants who checked in, blocked or absent
Scene account (time, location, working method, etc.).
When checking in, choose the car boarding service that is consistent with the speed.
A lot of updates are made according to the standing status of the seal.
Barcode assistance.
Use barcodes to speed up check-in and eliminate numeric errors. All tickets contain a unique barcode, which will continue to be checked with a barcode scanner after our unrestricted unit check-in application.
Adjustable brand.
By modifying the logo design and coloring routines in the plug-in settings display at the same time, make the FooEvents Check-ins application you really own.
Offline mode.
The control may be intended to be run outdoors, and may skip your Internet link. The FooEvents Check-in application hopes to free you from competitive remedies based on the built-in offline dyeing function. In this case, you must continue to check in between participants, but as long as the connection is re-established, the synchronization will include your online database synchronization.
Use FooSales to sell tickets at your event.
FooSales is an undisturbed application-based element that involves WooCommerce’s website traffic (POS) regulations, so it can turn the iPad into an Android tablet while obtaining mobile phone funds. You can currently promote tickets within men or women in your own events, including the price and advantages of FooSales!

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