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Are you a WordPress webmaster?

Developing a website means that you are adding a lot of new media files to your website database every day, such as images, video, audio, PDF, txt, docx, .ect. so your website will have to store thousands of files. With the default WordPress media database, you can’t arrange the files in a logical way, and you want to be able to work with the files as you would on your own computer, right? Don’t know how to find an uploaded file when you’re trying to find it on your WordPress site?

FileBird – WordPress Media Library Folder was created to help you overcome this obstacle. This plugin allows you to easily organize the files in your website’s media library. With this tool in hand, you can manage and arrange the thousands of images, audio, videos and other files in your media library.

Managing files in WordPress has never been easier. You can simply drag and drop to upload or move files/folders. This will help you save a lot of time in placing your media files. The hierarchical view of folders will also make it easier for you to quickly find specific folders in the blink of an eye.

drag-and-drop interface
Drag and drop is now becoming the modern standard. Native drag-and-drop events, including moving files to folders and folders to folders, reduce the number of clicks you need to complete tasks with a single blade.

Folder trees are displayed in a first-class design.
We follow the latest trends in composing icons, buttons, labels, sections and draggable elements. All of Ninja Team’s plugins are designed with clean code and UI/UX in mind.

Advanced File Browser for Web Page Creation
Open the page builder you’re using and simply insert an image element to browse files directly in the same interface of the FileBird native media library folder. This is a sophisticated feature that FileBird offers exclusively for you.

Embed the gallery using FILEBIRD GUTENBERG BLOCK.
Simply add a “FileBird Gallery” block to your page/post composer and select the folder you want to display. All media files in the selected folder will be automatically displayed in your post. In addition, you can customize the column numbers, links, headers, and cropped images.

Specific Folder Uploads
With FileBird, you can upload many files at once to the WP folder where you want them to stay. Simply select a specific folder from the “Upload New Media” drop-down menu. Creating such a collection has never been easier.

Convenient Library.
Your gallery now has alternative views for lists or thumbnails. Simply select the view that suits you best for the fastest batch selection, rearrangement or other operations. Ascending and descending sorting are also available.

Customizable sidebar
What else? Your sub sidebar can be resized to fit your own list of names. Or you can collapse it to focus on the folder you’re currently working on.

Painless migration
We care, so we build. Now, if you already use wpUXsolutions’ enhanced media library or Max Foundry’s media library folders, you can easily import all your folders at once.

Flexible Media Types
The multi-level structure will certainly help you filter, sort and manage on your native WP dashboard. Even if your library grows to thousands of files, the classification system will do its job for you.

CMS Optimization
Improves the advantageous performance of the content management system by reducing management time as well as operation and maintenance costs. As a result, effective management is achieved.

SEO Assistance
The media file hierarchy sets up a proper order for all members of the collaboration, making it easy to follow up on changes and events. You’re not working on your website alone, are you? So you have to keep it consistent for the benefit of your teamwork, especially your SEO colleagues.

Smart Deletion.
Adding or renaming a folder is just a click away. The same goes for deleting a folder. However, you won’t lose your data. All your files will be moved to the ‘Uncategorized’ folder so you can still use them later. Everything you need is at hand.

Multi-language support
All the manipulation menus and tabs are translated so that you don’t have to translate. Just one click to install and you don’t have to look up any words. Absolutely clean UI/UX makes it so intuitive that you no longer need to read the documentation.

Versatile compatibility
FileBird is always compatible with popular themes, page builders and other third parties such as WooCommerce, WPML, WPBakery, Elementor, Gutenberg, Beaver Builder, Divi, Thrive Architect, Slider, etc. Revolution, Smush, etc.

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