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Advanced social media plugins allow to create beautiful responsive galleries and widgets for social feeds, RSS and WordPress posts. For example, you can add custom Facebook feeds, Instagram feeds and Twitter feeds mixed in one gallery. Embedding user-generated content (UGC) from multiple sources is a great way to add social proof to your WordPress site and increase your brand’s presence and boost your sales. User behavior studies show that over 70% of users won’t buy from you if you don’t have reviews or any form of social proof. For its price, this plugin is a great alternative to web services that charge a monthly fee for similar features. No monthly subscription required with Flow-Flow WordPress social communication!

Smart caching and background server tasks allow for content to be served at a very fast pace without slow page loads. This is especially important when many networks are being pulled or you have high traffic. The plugin is responsive, highly customizable, and works well on mobile devices. Using this plugin to stream your news, photos, comments and anything else you can imagine is great! When just one network isn’t enough!

The plugin does not expose your private details (such as tokens, app IDs and app secrets) to the browser and stores them on the server, so we provide 100% security for any sensitive data. The plugin provides monitoring tools, so you can see the status of all connected feeds and troubleshoot problems easily.

Supported feeds
Flow-Flow supports feeds from 12 social networks, plus WordPress and RSS feeds. in total, there are over 40 different feed types. This is huge! Imagine that you could use only one plugin instead of all these different single web source plugins. Imagine that you can use only one plugin instead of all these different single web source plugins. You can get all these different types of content, including text posts, images or videos in a fantastic unified design. Your social media wall will look amazing, no exceptions!

Facebook: public PAGES (fan pages) of posts and albums.
Twitter: main timeline, user feeds, search* including tags, user lists, like feeds.
Instagram: public user photos, by username, by tag, by location.
YouTube: users, channels, search, public playlists.
Pinterest: the latest pins and public boards.
SoundCloud: public playlists.
Foursquare: location tips, location photos.
Flickr: public users’ photos, arranged by tags.
Dribbble: public user posts, user likes.
WordPress: blog posts, comments, custom post types, specific categories of posts, comments on specific posts.
(Only for your own site, others’ blogs can use RSS feed streams)
Tumblr: photo posts (more types to come later).
Vimeo: public videos, albums, channels and likes of users.
RSS: any valid RSS feed. ATOM format is not supported.

How plug-ins work
You create streams in Flow-Flow WordPress Agency Communication Management and copy the generated shortcodes. You then place these shortcodes in any block of any page on your site. When the social stream is first displayed, it’s cached (the initial cache takes more time, but then it’s displayed very quickly), and other visitors will see this cache for the duration of the cache. So, for example, if you set up a 20-minute cache and 10,000 users visit your site during that 20 minutes, only once will the plugin request the API to fetch the data, the rest of the time the user will see the cached data almost immediately. Consider that the server is running the cache update task in the background, ensuring amazing performance for the plugin.

Design your feed
Flow-Flow offers a great design customization for your streams. Choose your layout from a single column, aligned or single height grid. Build your cards by dragging and dropping constructors. Quickly and easily style your cards and entire streams. Even your grandmother can do it.

How to Mix Multiple Social Sources
First of all, you can have multiple social network feeds (the only limit is your server capacity). Magically, you can add as many social feeds as you want from one or different social networks.For example, you want to include 3 Twitter accounts, 1 Instagram hashtag, 2 Pinterest boards and 5 Facebook feeds in one stream. No problem! Here’s a visualization of the solution.

Seamless API connectivity
One-click connections to Facebook, Instagram, and Foursquare! Other networks are rolling out as well. Content Management
Exclude posts by word, by username, by URL. Clear your grid from trolls and spam!

Visual synthesizer elements
If you’re using Visual Composer, you can easily place your streams.

Social sharing buttons
Promoting interaction and user participation

All popular social networks
And they’re growing in number (based on popular requests).
Smart server caching
Streams load almost instantaneously. No need to load data every time.

CSS3 conversion animation
Displays optimal performance and speed.

Cosy Management Panel
Intuitive and clean interface with real-time preview.

Lightbox Gallery
Fantastic look with appealing animations. Smart media pre-loading. Complete documentation.
A straightforward step-by-step setup guide.

Responsive Design
Features sliding support for sliding on mobile devices.

Height can be customized.
Change colors, use predefined presets, create your own single card designs, and more.

Sort and search fields
Allow your visitors to find specific articles or content sorted by source. Enjoyable interaction
Nice animations and hover effects.

Video support.
For YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram.

The “Show More” button
Load more items in the stream.

Smart Resource Loading
Scripts and styles are loaded only when a shortcode is detected on the page Responsive layout.
Will adjust for different container sizes.

For example, use this tool to translate a plugin. You can then send the translated file to us for approval.
You can preview articles before they are published!

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