3.0.6 EventOn – WordPress Event Calendar Plugin

Product DescriptionOverview

EventON Event Calendar for WordPress is a beautifully crafted event calendar that presents events in a minimalist, clutter-free design. We take pride in designing EventON to keep up with the latest design trends in the industry.

EventON includes over 200 useful features such as highly customizable recurring events, multiple event images, unlimited event creation, various calendar layout designs, event locations and organizers, as well as advanced features such as multiple data types and language correspondence for events. All of this is packaged in codecanyon’s #1 best-selling event calendar!

EVENTON’s exciting features
Support for single-day and multi-day events
Creating single-day events
Create events with no end date or time
Creating an all-day event
Duplicate events in wp-admin
Excluding certain events from the calendar
Span the event to the end time while hiding the end time.
Set the active location image
Positioning by latitude and longitude
Preserve the location and reuse it at events
Set up contact information for event organizers
Save event organizers for reuse at events
Learn more about event link support
Various options for how users can interact with events.
Use a common time and date format through your website.
Schema SEO content with calendar event support
Ability to automatically archive past events
Easily add custom CSS styles through eventON settings.
Custom calendar month/year formatting
Custom calendar date and time formats
Ability to easily reset the calendar appearance to default values
Ability to open eventCards on load
Display a list of upcoming events by month
Presets the calendar event sequence ASC/DESC.
Display featured events above other events in the calendar
Display only the calendar of featured events
Create a calendar with featured images in the list
Dynamic “load more” paging of events in the calendar.
Displaying calendars for certain fixed months
Ability to set the event card to open accordion style.
RTL support – (right-to-left text)
Display a limit to the number of events per month on the calendar.
Categorize events based on a custom taxonomy.
Create calendars that contain only events from specific event categories.
Fully customize all data in the event row of the calendar.
Customize google map interaction features such as mouse scrolling, zooming, etc.
AJAX-driven smooth monthly navigation
Add calendars to your theme via shortcode or PHP template tags.
Integrates PayPal to accept payment for events
Supports custom language text and includes POT files for further customization.
Set events to be displayed in random order
Show events only to logged in users
Receive payment by personal email via Paypal for each campaign.
Make certain custom fields visible only to administrators or logged in users.
Prioritize monthly and annual events over other events.
Add multiple images to an event
EventON diagnostics and environment by setting
Automatic setting of past events to full events

Note: The product is Activated.

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