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Elite Video Player is a modern, responsive and fully customizable premium video player for WordPress with support for ads and the most popular video platforms such as YouTube (individual, channels, playlists), Vimeo, self-hosted videos (mp4 only), Google drive videos,… Dropbox videos, local videos, Amazon S3 and livestreaming HLS m3u8 videos. Showcase your videos across all browsers and devices with this unique and most powerful video player.

Get your Elite Player up and running in minutes!
Installation is super simple. Just select the video player type and insert the shortcode in your page or post.
YouTube support – playlists/channels/individual YouTube.
Elite video player can play any youtube video, import youtube playlists or even user channels. You can use the default YouTube player or YouTube player with custom controls.
YouTube 360 VR and YouTube LiveStreaming support.
The Elite video player now supports any Youtube 360 VR video and even supports live Youtube videos.
It comes with its own video
You can host your own videos, only in mp4 format.

Vimeo support.
In addition, Elite Video Player can play any video from Vimeo too. vimeo videos can be played with the default Vimeo player or with the custom Elite player.
HTTP Live Streaming (HLS .m3u8) is supported.
The Elite video player now supports HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) .m3u8 files.
Amazon S3 and Amazon Cloud Drive Video
The Elite player can play any video from Amazon’s servers.
Video on Google Drive
You can store and play videos from any Google Drive.

Dropbox Video
When it comes to large files, we recommend hosting your videos for free with Dropbox and playing them across sites in Elite Player.

Local Videos
You can also play any video from your local drive, no web hosting required. Videos from dropbox are also supported.

Open Video
The Elite video player can play any Openload video.

Blended Video
Create your playlists with any video type you want – mix YouTube/Vimeo/Self-hosted/GoogleDrive videos in one playlist.

Elite Video Player supports pre-roll (pre-), mid-roll (mid), post-roll (post), video ads and pop-up ads. For each video in the playlist, you can set your own pre-roll/mid-roll/post-roll/pop-up ads. The ads have also been improved with a custom skip ad option, which means you can set a different skip time for each video. Each ad can be added for all video types supported by Elite Player: youtube single videos/youtube playlists/user channels, vimeo videos, and the mp4 videos that come with it.

Google Analytics
With Google Analytics, you can track how many times your videos are viewed and downloaded. In addition, you can track how many times an ad video has been watched, how long an ad video has been played (before skipping), and even calculate how many times your ad video has been clicked.

Progress bar for live video thumbnails
Elite Video Player is the first and only video player that uses an intelligent system to create video thumbnails. You can set your videos to automatically generate video thumbnails and display them in real time as the user hovers over the progress bar. See example.
vtt (jpg) Video thumbnail of progress bar
The Elite Video Player can also display vtt(jpg) video thumbnails, i.e. these thumbnails are pre-made single spritesheet jpg images. See example.

Subtitle (Title)
Elite video player has subtitles (titles) to support HTML5 self-hosted videos, Google Drive, Dropbox, HLS m3u8 Livestream or Amazon S3 videos.

Sticky Mode
The Elite player supports sticky mode, allowing your customers to see the video all the time on the page (while scrolling up and down the page). If the video is not in the user’s viewport, the sticky player will appear in the bottom corner, and if the video is in the user’s viewport, the sticky player will automatically hide.

Lightbox Mode, Responsive Mode, and Full Screen Mode.
The Elite video player can be displayed in lightbox mode. You can set any image to open the player in the lightbox. Multiple lightbox images are supported (multiple lightbox players on the same page). The lightbox options are: lightbox image, lightbox image width and height, lightbox click outside to close (optional), and lightbox autoplay (optional). This allows you to have multiple video players on the same page.

In responsive mode, the Elite video player adapts precisely to the content of the page or article.

In full-screen mode, the Elite video player will cover the entire page.
Deep Link Video
The Elite Player supports deep linking, which means that any video in the playlist can be accessed via a URL link. Also, users can share the current video.
For example, deep linking targets a video in the playlist called “Top Models”.
Protecting video content
On a self-hosted video, you can disable right-clicking on the video to prevent the “save video” action and hide the “src” attribute.
Also, to protect your video, the way anyone can now see your video content (even if it is “downloaded”) is by using HTTP live stream – HLS m3u8 format.
This will help to better understand: links, this way no one can view your video.
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