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Turning visitors into loyal followers
Bloom gives you all the tools you need to turn your website visitors into loyal fans and customers.Bloom will not only have an excellent conversion rate, but it will look great too.

More email subscribers
More email subscribers
Email marketing is incredibly powerful. In fact, we see 20 times more engagement from email than we do from social media posts.

Targeted content
Highly targeted content
Bloom allows you to target or exclude specific posts and pages, and display unique forms with unique offers based on the location and interaction of your visitors.

Design Options
Elegant design options
We’ve built over 100 amazing templates, each of which can be fully customized using Bloom’s extensive design setup.

Choose from 6 different display types
Automatic pop-up window selection
Bloom lets you create automatic opt-in pop-ups that can be triggered by timed delays, when a user reaches the bottom of an article or page, or even after a user makes a comment or purchase. It’s a very effective way to generate and convert prospects.

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Automatic pop-up window selection
Automatic fly-in selection
Similar to triggered pop-ups, fly-ins are another great way to capture the reader’s attention. Again, these can be triggered by user interaction, such as timed delays or at the end of the page.

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Auto Opt-in Fly-in
Online selection form
Sometimes a more targeted approach is needed than a global pop-up or fly-in. That’s where inline opt-in forms come in. Simply configure your form, generate its shortcode, and place it in the WordPress post editor.

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Online selection form
The following content selection form
Perfect for blog posts and content-heavy pages, Bloom allows you to automatically place opt-in forms below the content of an article or page, capturing the reader’s attention without compromising their reading experience.

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The following content selection form
Widget area opt-in table
The sidebar and footer are great places to add selection boxes. With Bloom widgets, Bloom makes it easy to add selection boxes to any gadget-ready area. You can create as many gadgets as you want and add them to any gadget-ready area on your site.

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Widget area opt-in table
Requires opt-in to unlock content
Asking subscribers to subscribe to your list before getting premium content is a great way to increase your subscriber base.Bloom can act as a paywall between your free resources and your visitors, quickly converting traffic into loyal followers.

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Opt-in to unlock content
Automatic pop-up and fly-in triggers.
Not only do different websites, pages, and posts have different needs for opt-in formats, but sometimes you also want to direct specific formats and offers based on specific user interactions. The triggers below allow you to add this extra level of specificity to hone in on your audience and get higher conversion rates.

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