Easy Digital Downloads: Recurring Payments 2.1 Free Download

Easy digital download of regular payments
Sell subscriptions with Easy Digital Downloads.
Easy recurring payments for digital downloads make it easy for you to automatically generate and sell products with regular subscriptions.

Grow your business with recurring revenue
Recurring revenue is predictable and then enables agents to forecast their future revenue based on the real world. Mimicking your online save to add subscriptions should die, which may leave you constantly making the necessary business enterprise decisions.

Do you need to grow in accordance with your business? Maybe appoint additional staff? Regarding the best way to get there, recurring income is a given.

Depending on the reason for using regular payments
Flexible billing options – e.g. daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.
Support for the most popular pricing gateways, including Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.net, and then 2Checkout.
Complete levy management interface, as the webmaster
Powerful subscription emails for payment receipts, expiration notifications, renewal reminders, and then cancel!
Direct integration, including incompleteness related to our other near-popular extensions.
Recurring payment feature
Flexible Regular Payments – Easily make regular repayments on someone’s product. You can perform regular, recurring or time-consuming timeframes without issue. Enforce variable pricing on products with common and then non-recurring cost options.

Multiple Subscriptions – Performing customers hold certain types of subscriptions regarding their accounts.

Customer Emails – Automated emails delivered to customers upon request, so their collections are about to be renewed, renewals have been processed, levies have been cancelled, renewals have failed or more.

Payment Gateway Support – Regular payments are supported by our well-known nearby expense gateways, including.

PayPal Standard
PayPal Express
Paypal Website Payment Pro

Free Trial – Subscription merchandise execution contains an extensive trial period. Important bills are collected during the determination process and then routinely charged to the customer and then the fair test is completed.

Enrollment Fee – You can pay a non-mandatory enrollment fee. For example, valuing a subscriber at $50 because of $20 for every month after the previous month.

Subscription Management – With a complete interface for viewing and managing subscriptions, it’s simple to view and manage prospects about the customer’s arrival to care and then maintain your subscription.

Renewal Revenue Report – Track your regular revenue in a lovely and convenient way based on the profit chart read.

Restrict file downloads – you can choose not to consider files for download as a consideration instead of only downloading them to those customers through an active subscription only through regular merchandise.

Discount Codes – Use discount codes to mimic the initial cost of prosecuting a charge only after each or every renewal payment.

Customer Dashboard – Your customers do have the entire dashboard as view then manage their subscriptions!

Software License Integration – Recurring payments are fully integrated with stability, consistent with software license extensions, and computer license renewals are readily available when processing protractor charges. There is complete integration documentation as there are recurring payments and software licenses.

All Access Integration – Recurring payments are completely built into the All Access extension in the mimic, which is feasible because customers who delegate to your sales members are accepted based on all the information in the store related to your product, based on your sales membership to them. The recurring payment option will automatically renew the access license for the duration as that customer will expire.

Content Restriction Integration – Content Restriction development has completely built in recurring payment functionality to make this feasible, as it is based solely on those users who purchase the exact product and then follow the restricted posts, pages, bbPress forums, etc. and then they will be energized as the subscription has expired.

Custom Pricing Integration – Recurring payments are included with the completed guide, as custom pricing allows online site administrators to emulate the alternative of delivering “pay as you go” subscriptions to their clients.

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