2.1.3 Easy Digital Downloads – PDF Vouchers

Create unlimited PDF vouchers that customers can redeem in person. EDD PDF Voucher-WordPress plugin is the perfect solution for gift certificates, rewards, promotions and event tickets, providing you and your customers with complete flexibility. For offline businesses or companies that want to combine the two, this PDF Vouchers plugin will help your business.

There is nothing revolutionary about gift certificates, coupons or discount codes, but what if you can’t download or ship something you sell? The PDF Vouchers WordPress plugin opens the door for you to sell any product or service, using vouchers that can be printed and redeemed in person-the limit! You can get all the opportunities, convenience and security of online ordering and payment, while still being able to deliver the product or service at a later physical location.

PDF coupons connect your online store with your on-site business, make your customers’ lives easier, and help you ensure smooth operations and excellent customer service. It is automated, secure, and easy to manage, and includes powerful management and reporting functions that can help you track voucher codes.

Fully customizable
The user-friendly management interface uses intuitive drag and drop tools, so you can create your own credentials in minutes. You can customize PDF vouchers for your brand or business, and even customize them for individual products, events or promotions. Create unlimited PDF templates and customize each element.

Using the PDF Vouchers plug-in, you can easily ensure that each voucher is unique and cannot be copied or reused.

Automated and safe
The PDF voucher covers everything from generating codes to recording and verifying the redemption voucher. Automatically generate unlimited unique codes, import codes via CSV or manually enter them. If necessary, you can set certain codes as restricted codes so that the coupon can only be used once.

Easy credential management
The voucher management page allows you to view and manage voucher, and run detailed reports on purchased, used and unused voucher codes. You can immediately check whether the voucher code is valid and mark it as redeemed, helping you provide seamless service to each customer.

The PDF voucher plugin also allows you to export a list of voucher codes (including all customer details) to PDF or CSV.

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