1.1.5 Easy Digital Downloads Fraud Monitor

In addition to being costly to deal with, fraud can be detrimental to store operations because merchant processors often disable payment accounts if the fraud rate is too high. This can happen without warning and lead to serious complications. Proactively preventing fraudulent transactions on e-commerce sites is one of the most important things you can do as a store owner.

Fraud Monitor is an extension that adds powerful monitoring capabilities to your Easy Digital Downloads store and works to automatically detect potentially fraudulent purchases for you, allowing you to rest easy and focus on growing your business instead of fighting fraud.

Fraud Monitor includes the ability to reconcile payments when

Email addresses are matched to common fraud patterns.
IP addresses have been flagged as potentially fraudulent.
Purchases come from country store owners that are considered to have high fraud rates.
The purchase pattern contains a combination of products that a typical customer would not purchase.
The total number of purchases at one time is unusually high.
The number of items purchased at one time is unusually high.
Purchases are made from outside a specific radius associated with the billing address.
The store owner manually flags the payment as subject to review or fraud.

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