Easy Digital Downloads: Commissions 3.4.10 Free Download

This plugin makes it easy for you to keep track of user commissions at the point of sale. Want to allocate revenue among multiple users and handle all the math and complex aspects for you? That’s exactly what this extension will provide you with.

Commissions is the perfect extension for those sites that want to create a marketplace system that allows users to earn income on a commission basis.

When commissions are recorded, they will be listed on the new commissions page added under the main download menu.

The extension includes generating a CSV file of all unpaid commissions, or unpaid commissions within a specific date range, which you can then upload to PayPal’s mass payment system, or use to process the commission payments you want. If you use PayPal Adaptive Payments, you also have the option to pay commissions instantly.

The Commissions extension also includes a new monthly chart of commission payments, and on the reports page, you can see exactly how many commissions you’ve paid over time.

Product Information

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