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The ultimate Divi Mega Menu generator!

Divi Mega Pro is the easiest way to create gorgeous, full-featured Mega Menus and Mega Tooltips with Divi Builder!

Divi Mega Pro takes advantage of the power of Divi to allow you to create any type of Mega Menu you want.Easily create your Mega Menu with Divi Builder and have unprecedented complete control over the design and content.

In addition, Divi Mega Pro introduces an entirely new way to display content on the Divi website.Mega Tooltip.Mega Tooltips are like floating pop-ups that can be triggered when the user hovers or clicks on them.

Product Description:Divi Mega Pro is a brand new way to display content: Mega Tooltips.
Using custom post types, Divi Mega Pro allows you to create unlimited Mega Menus or Mega Tooltips for your Divi site.With Divi Builder, you can use any of Divi’s built-in modules, third-party modules, and other WordPress plugins to create your super content. In addition, you can use Divi’s built-in design tools such as gradients, box shadows, and more to create unique Mega Menus or Mega Tooltips that were previously impossible without complex coding.

Divi Mega Pro allows you to easily create Mega Menus with login forms, shopping carts, tabs/switches, sliders, call-to-actions, and more!

Divi Mega Pro introduces Mega Tooltip or hover pop-ups.Mega Tooltips are similar to Mega Menus, except they’re added elsewhere on the page. Just like classic tooltips, Mega Tooltips provide your users with additional information/content/etc. while keeping them in the same place on the same page. Using Divi Mega Pro’s built-in features, you can trigger your Mega Menu or Mega Tootip from anywhere on your menu or page such as text links, buttons, images and any other element.Triggers work by adding elements with unique CSS classes and can be set to be triggered by hovering or clicking.

Note: The Product is Activated. Use B5E0B5F8DD8689E6ACA49DD6E6E1A930 as the license key.

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