1.1.8 Divi Extras

Previously available only for Extra themes, the seven new modules added to Divi Builder will help web designers create special page layouts that really stand out. ideal for brands that publish content regularly, the Divi Extras module introduces a new way to display large amounts of content in an organized and attractive way.

Enhanced Partitions
With the power of Extra themes in Divi Builder, Divi Extras opens up a whole new world of unique web designs. From creating fashion magazine-style homepages to using new modules as standalone projects throughout your site, Divi Extras is perfect for building and displaying large amounts of content.

The Blog Feed Masonry module brings a new look and feel to the blog stream, providing a striking aesthetic, while the Blog Feed Standard module presents a more traditional display. Ideal for presenting a large number of post threads or posts with too many modules without oversaturating the page, the Posts, Tagged Posts, and Post Rotation modules are all attractive elements to include in a Web layout. the Featured Post Slider module is great for highlighting specific posts to create a beautiful and interactive display of prominent content, while the Ads module helps create engaging ads.

Product Information

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  • Unlimited domain use.
  • Free New Version.
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