3.3.2 Citadela Directory

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Spice up your business website or blog with the WordPress Directory Plugin.
Thanks to the Citadela WordPress Directory plugin, you can turn Citadela and any standard WordPress theme into a portal. Create directory portals, business directories, listing sites, local guides, and more. Or you can add the directory feature to any regular WordPress site. Just activate the plugin and start using all the unique directory blocks.

Ideas on how to use directory plugins for WordPress websites
There are many ways to use WordPress plugins for directory listings for the average website. We’ve put together some ideas to enlighten you. Many of them are great for blogging or some non-commercial projects.The WordPress Directory plugin is very flexible and you can add it to any subpage or even in a blog post.

List branches on your business website
Pin on your travel blog with places you’ve been.
Attractions near your hotel or B&B Wedding venues and churches on the map
Upcoming events near you
The best cafes in your city
Create as many lists and items as you want. Categorize them and then display them on a map.The Citadela plugin’s directory feature has the option to use GoogleMap.The WordPress directory plugin also has OpenStreetMap, which is free to use.

Variability of Layout
The default arrangement of the blocks can be changed to your liking. Remove the blocks you don’t need, add more blocks and move them around the page. With blocks, the layout changes on any page on your site will look great.

WordPress Directory Plugin Block Settings
Straightforward block setting
Block Toolbar and Inspector are two places where you can find most of your settings, even those previously found in the theme options. This change makes the settings easy to access and very easy to work with.

WordPress Directory Plugin Items in Blog Posts
Directory blocks in blog posts?
This is something that wasn’t possible before. You can use some directory elements in Blog Post. Imagine how awesome it would be if your blog had a map, project listings, and search form. Outperform your competitors with this new, unique and engaging approach.

Product Information

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  • Unlimited domain use.
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