3.1.9 Business Finder+ WordPress Theme

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As sweet as candy. As smooth as butter. Elegant and graceful, you will fly through all the “normal” portals. Many thanks to the over 5,000 customers who inspired us to create this dream theme. By listening to your wishes and suggestions, we were able to rebuild our initial idea of a business finder into something big.

A fully customizable portal theme
Because it’s all about customization and your personal preferences, we specialize in creating WP themes that you can shape the way you like. Our AIT Framework 2 with the new page builder is easy to use and will help you build a perfect website every time.

Header with large image Header with business view Header with 3D view.
Responsive Design
Business Finder+ has been tested on a variety of the most common devices, from the newest on the market to older devices that many of our customers are still using. Your site will automatically adapt to the screen size so it will always look good.

Suitable for all devices

responsive design
Elements of a web portal
It’s as simple as ABC and 123. Working with the elements in our page builder is simple and fast, and you can drag and drop only where you want. Create your custom types and reuse them where you want them to be. You can even pre-define settings in the default layout section.

The header is one of the essential elements to ensure a user-friendly layout of the site. Quick access to features such as adding new items to the admin, logging in as a registered user or counting all of the items listed are just a few ideas of how to fill out in the most useful way.

Business Finder+ offers all the options for map display. Classic maps with all the pins for listed items, street view, business view, 3D view, it has geolocation support for Km and Miles, and best of all, you can choose a color map to match your website design.

Map and Search Layout
retrieve (data)
Searching has been taken to a whole new level with greatly interactive sentences. You can choose the search box that best suits your site, a modern featured search or a classic conservative search.

Taxonomy List
This is a great element to help keep your site organized. You can display the list of locations and categories separately on any page, or on one page at the same time. Add icons and descriptions for all your categories and locations to attract more customers.

Taxonomy List – Categories
Taxonomy List – Location
Special offer plug-ins
Special Offers
Special offers are optional add-ons to the Business Finder+ theme at an additional cost. This add-on allows you to add special offers and set exact expiration dates for these offers. Special offers will be displayed on the preview page for a specific item (such as a store or cafe), or you can get a list of all currently valid special offers on one page.

Featured Products
Displaying items or categories as features provides advanced promotion for your client’s business. A small fee charged for all featured items will help you enhance your own portal business.

Item Elements – Boxed Layout with Featured Items
Project Elements – List Layout
Project information
Project elements
Items are all the units included in your big list. Think of them as building blocks. You can sort or filter them and display them in many different ways. Place them in a list, grid, or carousel. It’s up to you.

Item information
Item information keeps statistics on items, categories and locations and can help you create a picture of your database. It tells you and your visitors how big, wide and deep it is.

Product Information

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