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BuddyBoss theme
The BuddyBoss theme makes the BuddyBoss platform look beautiful. You need to install the BuddyBoss Platform plugin to use this theme. Download the BuddyBoss platform plugin from here.

Provide memberships, programs, and build online communities.
We make it easy for you to build on WordPress (the number one open source platform in the world), giving you the flexibility, control and freedom you need to create a successful online system.
The BuddyBoss platform is very suitable
Online sales courses
BuddyBoss can easily share your knowledge and interests, while building your audience and expanding your income.
The system can be structured training, micro-learning, social understanding and gamification to provide relevant understanding experience. With AppBoss integration, you can also have your own white label mobile application so your employees can find information anytime, anywhere.
Online area
The Internet community allows your followers or customers to link under your brand. Members can establish connections and participate in each other’s topics in forums and groups.
This can help you build loyalty, gather feedback, provide more value, and keep your target market always centered around your brand name. With AppBoss integration, you can publish your own mobile applications and keep in touch with the community anytime, anywhere.
Online membership plan
While building a recurring and trustworthy income stream, it also brings value to participants. Use community and gamification features to keep your community involved.
Take full advantage of AppBoss’ assimilation capabilities, introduce your own mobile application, and enable everyone to stay in touch and get training anytime, anywhere.
Your participants can learn from each other, increase brand value while reducing workload.
corporate training
The key to success in today’s highly competitive market is to have a major training center to train your workforce and establish contact and interaction with workers. BuddyBoss helps you focus on learners and learning experiences.
This option allows to organize training, micro-learning, social learning and gamification to gain the known experience involved.
Thanks to the assimilation of AppBoss, you can also have your own white label mobile application so that your staff can learn on the go.
Non-profit organizations
Minimize entry and training costs through structured online courses for your employees and volunteers. Provide training in important skills, such as reliable fundraising or providing proposal contacts to help increase the company’s funds.
Use community features to involve your workers, volunteers, and stakeholders, and provide them with more value, which can help influence your track record.
Make full use of AppBoss’s assimilation function, introduce your own mobile application, and allow everyone to stay in touch and have accessibility training anytime, anywhere.
Online school and hybrid exploration
Online education is growing at an unprecedented rate. BuddyBoss can help you build a multi-functional understanding environment so that your students can survive anywhere in the world.
This solution makes organized training, micro-learning, social knowledge and gamification possible, thereby making it possible to participate in the understanding experience.
Thanks to the assimilation of AppBoss, you can also have your own white label mobile application so that your staff can find it anytime, anywhere.

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