2.6.1 BoomBox Viral Magazine WordPress Theme

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Boombox is multipurpose Viral Magazine theme with top-notch design and extremely customizable layout, full of viral snacks and exclusive features, powered by the most powerful viral content builder. Populate news, lists, polls or quizzes, drive the blogging community and monetize any type of advertising through social sharing, trends, reactions and up/down voting systems. Go viral now.

Powerful social sharing system
Supported by the MashShare plugin
Clear call to action button
Fully customizable style
Editable button labels
Sticky sharing bar
Adjustable shared button position
Fake the number of shares to start easily
More than 25 networks (including mobile WhatsApp) are possible with the Mashshare add-on.
Mandatory sharing of quiz results with Viralpress before seeing results.

Includes Zombify front-end uploader
Enable front desk submissions and build a blogging community
Simple list of news and numbers
Open/voting ranking list
Personality quizzes, trivia quizzes and polls.
Audio and video formats
Social Media Embedding
Meme Generator and more
moderation system

Attractive multi-purpose badges
Category badges (e.g. quizzes, polls, music, videos, etc.).
Create any badge with 600+ icons
Reaction badges with text or emoticons (e.g. lol, omg, wtf, geeky, etc.).

Custom reaction emoticons (svg files) can be added.
Trending, popular and popular badges
Set custom colors for all types of badges independently.
Create badge navigation
Disable any type of badge

Participatory response voting system
Allow visitors to read and react to polls
Highlighting 2 of the most common post reactions
Attract other visitors by displaying fancy reaction badges.
Customize the color options for reaction badges

You can add custom reaction expressions (svg files).
Create post list by reaction category
Set the minimum number of reaction scores to sort posts under that reaction.
Set the maximum number of response types per vote
Restrict voting by login or by guest IP only

Configurable post ranking system
4 Types of Post Rankings. Views, Shares, Listings, Comments
Configure trending criteria by one of 4 ranking types.
Trending (24 hours), Hot (past 7 days) and Popular (past 30 days).
Trending, Popular and Trending Fancy badges.
Generate a list of the most viewed, most shared, most voted and most discussed posts.
Create the best post listings page by any criteria at different times.
Configure all parts of the post listings (featured posts, bars, widgets) by one of 4 criteria.

Extremely customizable layout and design
Enhanced WordPress Customizer Options
Full-width or box layout
Infinite two-tier head layout and behavior changes
2 level footer with 3 widget areas
Shape patterns for headers and footers (e.g., rags, clouds, grass, nothing).
Advanced sidebar management
8 post list types with infinite scrolling, “load more” or digital pagination.
2 sizes of sticker sliders and 3 featured post areas.
Fully customizable color schemes, styles and fonts.
Hide/show any element on any page.
Create prototypes for BuzzFeed, BoredPanda, 9Gag, or any other viral magazine.

Product Information

  • 100% Original Files.
  • Unlimited domain use.
  • Free New Version.
  • Share Your Valuable Opinions