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ARMember WordPress Membership Plugin is the latest, easy-to-use membership management solution that will cover all your membership site needs with a design that is tailored to you. It’s super simple and user-friendly, and you’ll need rocket science knowledge in the field of programming.

ARMember is a complete bundle that will provide protected member-only content, the right payment options, membership management, and more.

Important Features
All-in-one membership plugin for easy integration: the ARMember is a one-stop solution for all your membership needs such as membership management, payment tracking mechanisms, drip content and more, and it’s so simple to set up that you’ll have your own membership site up and running in minutes! You can easily track the total number of members and the percentage of active and inactive members on your website. You can easily track the total number of members and the percentage of active and inactive members on your website. Payment history for different membership categories can be easily tracked.

Effortlessly restrict your website content: Protecting and restricting the content of your website is an important aspect. We offer a very simple solution, with just a simple click you can hide your exclusive content from a specific level of membership, and offer certain content according to selective membership categories. In short, you can schedule the distribution of your content to members based on the chosen subscription time and level.

Unique membership setup wizard: our membership setup wizard is unique and provides you with a single shortcode that can be used throughout the entire process, starting with selecting a plan, then the sign-up or enrollment phase, through to payment processing.

Built-in advanced form builder: your members will need to fill out different forms from time to time, such as registration, login details, forgotten password, change password, etc. We provide you with a range of stylish and customized form templates that you can choose from for these different requirements. One more reason to be happy is that these forms do not have ugly CAPTCHA as ARMember has got you covered with its anti-spam mechanism.

Drip feed content: the ARMember is a wordpress membership plugin with all the optional features of drip feed content built in.

Profile and directory templates: we provide a compelling selection of templates, and the member profiles and directory listings can be further customized as well.

Login/registration modal forms in top menu: adding login/registration modal forms in the top menu has now been simplified, it does not require coding and you can add them in the top navigation links for easy access. It doesn’t require coding and you can add them to the top navigation links for easy access.

Popular payment gateways. ARMember membership plugin provides some of the most popular gateways for wordpress such as Stripe, PayPal, Bank Transfer, 2Checkout & Authorize.net if they provide convenient and popular payment gateways for members to sign up.

Our goal is to provide you with the maximum amount of functionality that is easiest to understand as well as use. We want to keep the membership setup process as simple as possible. With that in mind, we have introduced these additional features to further simplify the process. As soon as you purchase ARMember, you’ll have immediate access to these add-ons.

Simple Membership Management
Unlimited schemes and probationary periods
Flexibility of content restrictions
Multiple payment gateways
Regular billing
Drip content facility
Social network login/connection
Member Profile/Catalogue Template
Exclusive coupon management
Opt In (Email Marketers)
Built-in mode support
Badges and Achievements
Navigation menu links for tables
Developer-friendly API
Importing and exporting users and settings
Anti-spam facility with no authentication code
Email notifications and templates
Woocommerce content restrictions
Buddy Press integration
One-click plug-in updates
Professional Support Team
ready for translation

Version 4.1 ( 04 November, 2020)
Added Facility to purchase paid post with WooCommerce Checkout
Added advanced filters in Member Directory Templates.
Added New Report “Paid Post Report” for Paid Post purchases.
Added support of new shortcodes in email notification templates : Coupon Code
Added Facility to add Login link in signup form.
Added BuddyBoss Support.
Added Facility to apply Content Restriction for Elementor Template Shortcodes too.
Added Facility to Automatic clear failed login history older than 30 days.
Updated Stripe Library.
Updated Third-party Libraries : Codemirror, Chosen, Colpick, Highcharts, iCheck, CarouFredSel, and Jeditable.
Other minor bug fixes.
Version 4.0.2( 15 Aug, 2020)
Minor bug fixes
Version 4.0.1( 09 Aug, 2020)
some bug fixes related to WordPress 5.5 and few other small fixes
Version 4.0(26 Jun, 2020)
Added new high demand feature pay per post to sell post and custom posts individually.
Added facility to set hidden fields while edit member from admin panel.
Added facility to change order of fields while add/edit members from admin panel.
Added facility to customise date format in admin side.
Fixed cancel subscription issue with PayPal.
Other bug fixes
Version 3.5.1(02 May, 2020)
Minor Bug Fix
Version 3.5(14 April, 2020)
Added New Social Login : Google Signin Facility.
Added new facility to purchase a membership plan using myCred points.
Added facility to display myCred points in a membership card.
Added Facility to view entered Password in login form.
Added New “Login History” Report.
Improvements in Membership report and payment report.
Improvements in Report Dashboard page.
Added new facility for administrator to display list of users who have used particular coupon.
Added support of the Google Recapcha V3.
Added facility to view password in a user readable mode in login form.
Added Double Opt-ins facility in a Mailster.
Improvements in Payment History.
Other minor bug fixes.

Note: Product is Activated.

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