3.9 ARG Multistep Checkout for WooCommerce

Product DescriptionOverview

The best rated, fast and reliable multi-step checkout process.ARG MultiStep Checkout has a beautiful and intuitive design that helps you achieve a better user experience by delineating the most important elements of your default wooCommerce checkout process. More sales is an easy goal to achieve, and that’s where ARG MultiStep Checkout for WooCommerce comes in, taking a difficult process and making it simple and easy to understand.

Core functionality.
MultiStep Checkout is like a native Woocommerce app because we implemented it using best practices, it’s fast (page speed is the same as your default checkout page), and it doesn’t require a preloader when the multi-step checkout page loads.
Intuitive design, lots of horizontal and vertical tab layout, and most customers rate it as a quality design.
Excellent user interface and experience, with smooth animations when making changes and validating steps.
A powerful and reliable step-by-step jQuery form validation.
Add new steps (the content of the newly created steps can be: shortcodes, html, plain text, etc.).
Move the coupon to another step (the coupon can be moved before/after the order form or before the payment method so that the customer can see the price change when the coupon is applied. The coupon can also be moved to before the Billing section, after the Shipping section, or after the Additional Fields).
Navigate to the next step by clicking on the next tab as well (customers do not have to scroll down to the bottom of the current step in order to navigate to the next step)
When navigating to the next step, scroll up to the top of the page or to the top of the multi-step tab (this is useful when the multi-step checkout is placed in the middle of the page or on your phone)
Built-in login/registration procedure (two layouts)
Built-in order approval process
Show/hide/merge checkout steps.
Show/hide product thumbnails in the order form.
Inherit the style of the checkout form from your theme or plugin.
Reliable step-by-step validation.
ready for translation
WPML compatible
Compatible with all WooCommerce and WordPress based themes.
Cross-browser compatibility
Fully customizable
Fully responsive design
Mobile Friendly
Custom Features.
Easily change colors
Changing Button and Label Text
Use different label layouts/styles
Show/hide specific steps
Combining different checkout steps

What’s on offer
ARG MultiStep Checkout for WooCommerce is lightweight, flexible, and easy to install and set up. It’s important to know that this plugin was developed not only to make the experience more enjoyable for buyers, but likewise, sellers must have well-organized and intuitive options to work with as well. The main feature of this plugin is that you can do a lot of customization using the built-in options and get the look you have in mind in no time.

Product Information

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  • Unlimited domain use.
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