Aelia Tax Display by Country for WooCommerce

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WooCommerce’s Country Tax Display feature allows you to display your product prices based on the country your visitors are in and automatically pre-select checkout countries. When you sell internationally, customers may be confused about the price because it may include VAT/taxes that don’t apply to every sale. Additionally, some customers ignore the country field at checkout and enter the wrong address or get validation errors. The combination of these factors can easily drive potential customers away. Our product will remove these barriers and help you increase your sales.

This plugin is fully compatible with our other products.

WooCommerce Currency Switcher, currently the leading multi-currency solution for WooCommerce.
Country Prices, our solution that allows different prices to be charged based on the customer’s location (this plugin works with our Currency Switcher to provide unprecedented pricing flexibility).
EU VAT Assistant, our free plugin to help you become compliant with the new EU VAT MOSS regulations.
The above product is only available in our online store. Please see our profile for more details.

How it works
Once enabled, the plugin will allow you to configure how prices are displayed for each country. You can decide to display prices with or without tax for some countries and do something different for others. Once the plugin is configured, prices will be automatically displayed with or without tax, based on the visitor’s country, automatically detected, using geolocation, and the address used during the checkout process.

At checkout, the customer will see that the country field has been populated, and he will be able to select another country if he wishes. Such a selection will be stored by the plugin in the current session, so that the price will be refreshed and the correct tax rate will be displayed. In addition, the plugin implements a widget that you can display on your website, allowing your visitors to select their country before checking out, so that the price display is automatically updated.

Key Features
Fully compatible with our WooCommerce Currency Switcher plugin, currently WooCommerce’s leading multi-currency solution.
Extremely easy to use
Allows to display prices with or without taxes according to the visitor’s country.
Automatically detects the visitor’s country and displays the price with or without taxes accordingly.
Allows to maintain a fixed product price, including taxes, independent of the tax rate applicable to the customer (available in v1.7.0.150109 and later). Note: The fixed price feature also does not apply to shipping costs, as WooCommerce always considers shipping costs as “tax free”.
Automatic pre-selection of checkout countries.
Includes a widget that allows your visitors to select their country prior to checkout.
Allows to assign a price suffix to each tax display rule.
Allows visitors to declare themselves tax-free and always see the tax-free price.

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