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WooCommerce’s Advanced Flat Rate Shipping Methods is a fully featured plugin for all your flat rate shipping needs. Create shipping methods and different shipping rules. Offers multiple flat rate shipping methods with unlimited conditional shipping rules. Charge flat rate shipping to enable free shipping for any location, product, cart or user specific condition – or multiple conditions.

With this plugin, you can apply rules related to country, state, zip code, region, product, category, label, SKU, product variation, user, quantity, user role, cart subtotal before discount, coupon, weight, cart subtotal after discount, shipping category, etc. to your method. Apply a rule, or select multiple conditions that need to be met for an order.

Advanced shipping price rules
Let’s say a store wants to charge different shipping rates for different categories of products – $2 for t-shirts, $5 for groceries, and $7 for appliances. And those rules only apply to NYC deliveries, with shopping cart subtotals under $500.

With advanced shipping rules are these conditions, stores can apply multiple rules, multiple shipping rates. The Advanced Rules support conditions based on.

Product Name
Category name
Total number of vehicles
Product weight
Category weight
Weight of the vehicle

You can also specify the following for your shipping method.

Shipping price
The expiry date of your shipping method
Description of the tooltip displayed when hovering
Shipping ($0 free shipping)
Taxable Status (whether the shipping price is taxable or not).
Estimated delivery time

master settings
When you create multiple flat rate shipping methods for your WooCommerce store, you run the risk of conflicting conditions. To avoid this issue, use the main settings to specify which shipping method should apply in these cases.

Minimum shipping costs
Maximum transportation costs
Buyer’s Choice
Enforce all modes of transport on the plugin

Benefits of advanced flat rate freight
Charge flexible flat rates for your store
Free shipping enabled
Add as many restrictions and conditions as you need
Create custom zones to speed up your administrative tasks
Works perfectly with WPML

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