4.3.94 Ads Pro Plugin WordPress Advertising Manager

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core function
100% responsive
Geographic targeting (country, state/province, city or zip code).
Schedule your ads and control their delay
Option to display ads on specific devices (mobile, tablet or desktop).
Filters for categories and tags
Hooks to display ads before/in/after content.
Options to show/close ads after X seconds
The option to only display a maximum of X number of ads per user/session.
Display your ads in over 20 different ways (sidebar, floating, video, background, corner peel, grid, hover and others).
Huge backend manager (easily manage your ads).
25+ responsive and user-friendly ad templates ready to use.

For your customers
Modern Front End User Panel – New
Modern Front Desk Advertising Order Form
3 billing models (CPC, CPM, CPD)
4 payment methods (PayPal, Stripe, WooCommerce Cart and Bank Transfer for manual payments.
Online statistics for all ads – sell via order form or add directly via admin panel (see clicks, views and CTRs in real time).

20+ ways to display ads
– single advertisement
– overwhelming
– random ad
– Ads in grid (responsive 4-column grid)
– Ads as sliders (you can set the delay time between slides)
– Top scroll bar ads
– Bottom scroll bar ads
– sidebar advertisement
– corner marker
– sidebar advertisement
– html/javascripts ads (everything HTML/CSS or JavaScripts code, such as Google AdSense).
– Pop-up ads (you can set the delay time for pop-up ads)
– Floating ads (you can set the delay of page scrolling)
– Floating Ads – Top Left
– Floating ads – top right corner
– Floating ads – lower left corner
– Floating ads – lower right corner
– video advertisement
– Ads visible if link hover
– Layered ads (full screen ads – display delay can also be set)
– Background advertising – with top spacing
– Background ads – no top pitch
– Pop-ups on the exit (if users want to leave your site, you can offer them a special deal!) .
– You can display ads by short code.
– You can display ads via ajax shortcode.
– You can display ads by template tags.
– You can show ads in specific posts/pages
– In the Visual Composer, you can display ads directly from the content element.

So, you can display an unlimited number of ad slots (up to 24 ads per ad slot) in each of the display methods mentioned above.
25+ predefined ad templates
ADS PRO includes over 25 ready-made ad templates, sorted by 7 categories.
– Default
– Standard ads (you can create custom sizes through the ad creator)
– Links/images
– level
– Facebook Ads
– modern age
– banknotes
– Material Design
All ad formats

The product is Activated.

Product Information

  • 100% Original Files.
  • Unlimited domain use.
  • Free New Version.
  • Share Your Valuable Opinions