1.2 Admin Columns Pro – Meta Box

Meta Box and Admin Columns Pro
With Admin Columns Pro’s Meta Box integration, you can customize WordPress lists for any post type, user, or taxonomy by adding columns to the fields defined in the meta box. With the power of Admin Columns pro features, you can easily search, edit, sort and export data directly from the overview page.

Search meta box content on the list table
After creating columns for metaframe fields, you can easily search for the content of these fields from the overview using our smart filters. The admin bar will recognize the field’s settings and provide you with the best user interface for the field in question. Search for words or specific strings in text fields. You can search for numeric fields within a range, for example “pages between 100 and 200”. You can easily search for dates within a specific range from a specific date or a simple date in the past or future.

Last but not least, you can search the relationship field for a specific relationship. Let’s say you have an “Author” field that contains a relationship to a user table. Using our smart filters, you can easily filter all posts with a specific author by selecting the author from the list of available authors.

Quickly edit metaframe data
The “inline editing” feature allows you to update the data of a column/field directly from the WordPress list. So there is no need to go to the edit post page to edit a simple field. This feature can save you a lot of time when you frequently change specific data in your posts.

All content that can be edited using our inline editing feature can also be edited in bulk. Simply check the posts you like to edit and click the “Bulk Edit” button to change the data for the selected row.

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