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UiPress Settings Page
The old settings page became clunky, hard to navigate and slow. Therefore, this version solves the problem of setting pages that will be completely rebuilt and rethought. It features an intuitive search function that is fast, efficient and easy to navigate. We have also added several new options.

As you will see above, we now have custom fonts in the options! This is powered by Google Fonts, so the possibilities are endless!

There is now an option to reset UiPress settings/revert to defaults. All multi-select options have been rebuilt and there is a new simplified custom css and Javascript code editor.

Google Analytics Login
This is a long requested feature. You no longer need to access UiPress settings to log in to Analytics. You can do so directly from the overview page. This is perfect if you are using UiPress as part of Wass / sass and don’t want users to access the main settings.

Product Information

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