5.2.0 WooCommerce Customer/Order CSV Export

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Easily export orders, customers, and coupons from WooCommerce.
While WooCommerce provides you with reporting and order fulfillment tools, many merchants still need to use external systems for customer management, order fulfillment, or just need an easy way to get data from WooCommerce.

We’ve simplified the transfer of data from WooCommerce to CRM, fulfillment vendors or other systems and provide a customer, order and coupon exporter that exports files in CSV and XML formats.The WooCommerce Customer/Order/Coupon Export plugin lets you export individual orders, customers or coupons, bulk export records on demand, and create multiple automatic exports, transfer customer and order data via FTP, HTTP POST or email. You can also create your own custom formats that can include any customer or order meta.

Best of all, since our export process runs asynchronously in the background of your site, you can complete other tasks or leave your site entirely while the export is running.

Customer/Order/Coupon Export Functionality
Export customer, order and coupon data, including custom fields in CSV or XML format.
Create custom export formats to ensure your files are properly formatted.
Process exports asynchronously so you can export thousands of records while you work elsewhere on your site (or take a break!) .
Generate on-demand bulk exports to quickly access customer, order and coupon data based on attributes such as customer registration date or order status.
Manually export and transfer customer and order data via email, FTP or HTTP POST.
Create automated exports to create and send recurring schedules of customer and order exports.

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