4.3 WooCommerce Out of Stock! Manager

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Multiple and customized low stock values.
WCOSM is a powerful and flexible tool that allows store administrators to assign custom low stock values to a group of products and/or categories. Using the Custom Value Configurator, store administrators can.
Create “Threshold” rules by which a store administrator can assign custom low inventory warning values to a collection of products/variables/categories.
Configure a default warning value for products that do not meet any of the custom value rules.
Email Notification.
Multiple email notification objects.

Dashboard Window (DASHBOARD WIDGET)
WCOSM helps store administrators to speed up the editing and monitoring of products under Custom Low Level (or all inventory management items) by adding a widget directly to the WordPress Dashoboard.
Custom product page text
Using the text menu, it is possible to customize the text displayed on the product page for in-stock, out-of-stock, above a custom stock level and below a custom stock level! Switch the language and then enter the translation for each text.

WPML users: just switch the language in the WPML language selector to translate the text! After switching languages, you can enter a translation of each text.
Email Notification System
After placing an order, WCOSM checks the remaining inventory values of all purchased products and notifies the store administrator if one (or more) of the items reaches the configured custom warning level.

Note: If you are manually creating/adding orders through the backend, after adding a line item, remember to update their inventory value by selecting them, selecting the Reduce Line Item Inventory option in the bottom drop-down menu and clicking the circle button.
By default, WooCommerce does not reduce the inventory value when you create an order manually. This will trigger an update to your inventory values and eventually an email notification.
Sending Emails to Multiple Recipients
By default, WCOSM sends email notifications to administrator email addresses, but you can optionally configure multiple recipients.

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