2.1.15 WooCommerce Search Engine

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Smart and amazing search engine
Intelligent auto-correct search. If your customer enters the wrong product name (e.g. “smartfon” instead of “smartphone”), our intelligent algorithm will recognize and display relevant results.
Search by tags, SKUs, categories, classes and attributes. The plugin lets you build search boxes to find products by product title, description, any custom fields, product tags, product categories, product attributes, etc. It is very useful. The plugin also provides the ability to search by SKU in WooCommerce.
Search by synonyms. Place multiple custom synonym pairs and the plugin will take them into account.
Smart Price Expressions Automatically identify the price in a search (e.g. $100 smartphone, around $100 smartphone, under $500 smartphone, etc.).
Search results page – provide the same smart search results for your topic’s search results page (the page after you press enter) – without changing your topic’s UI.
Search Analytics. Track what your visitors are trying to search for. Discover what new products your visitors want and what you don’t have yet.
Top products. (New!) Show your customers what’s hot on your site. The plugin has some unique ways to define popular products.
Featured Products: (New!) Show your customers the top products on your site. Show visitors selected products before they start typing their search.
Recently Visited Products. Show recently visited products to your visitors.
Show all variables during the search process
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