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WooCommerce Notification displays recent orders on your storefront. It’s the equivalent of a busy online storefront and shows potential customers that other people are buying your products.

Increase conversion rates by highlighting other customers who have purchased your products.
Display orders in real time for buyer verification and social proof!
Create a sense of urgency for visitors and expose new products!

Show Recent Orders
Plugin takes information from WooCommerce recent orders for display.

Select the orders to be displayed. You can choose to display orders that are completed, in process, on hold, cancelled, refunded, pending payment, or failed.
Order time: Select a time to display orders from that time to the present.
Excluded Products: Select a time to display orders from that time to the present. Avoid products that you do not want to appear in notifications.
Out of stock products. This option allows you to choose whether to show out-of-stock products in notifications.
Show Fake Orders.

Do you want to increase sales of some specific products? Do you want to introduce some new products to your customers? This plugin may help you to implement the fake order feature.

Create orders for selected products. Select some products and enter the required information. The plugin will create fake orders for the selected products.
Create orders for selected categories. If you have too many products in your store to select them manually. This feature will help you to select products to create fake orders for products.
Create orders for the newest products. Create fake orders for the newest products. Helps you to introduce new products to your customers.
Automatic address detection. Create fake orders near your customers by automatically detecting their addresses by IP (city, country).
Random purchase time. Plugin selects a random purchase time between your selected time thresholds.
Virtual customer’s name and address. Enter the customer’s name and address as often as you like. The plugin will mix it with the selected product/selected category/latest product and random purchase time to create a fake order.

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