1.3.1 YITH Best Price Guaranteed for WooCommerce Premium

Pricing our products has never been an easy task. The market changes so quickly that, try as we might, we repeatedly take the risk of having our prices higher than those of our competitors.

The result was clear: we had little chance of selling our products.

You can’t find a reason to think about it any more. You look for solutions on your store page, check the yearly trends, monitor the positioning of your products on search engines and the value of your brand. Everything seems perfect, as usual, but the products you add to the store still don’t generate a single purchase.

The truth is that customers are used to finding the best offer in the market and even a dollar often makes a difference, to your loyal customers as well.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have customers themselves tell you about another store that sells the same product at a cheaper price?

That’s why we decided to develop YITH Best Price Guaranteed for WooCommerce, a plugin that allows users to inform you about cheaper products on other sites so they can ask for a discount.

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    October 10, 2021

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