Disable Copy Post Content Text / Disable Right Click and F12 for WordPress Plugins

in WordPress Plugin on October 28, 2020

If you think your website content is very valuable and you don’t want others to copy it away, you can consider adding a function to your WordPress website to prohibit copying text, disable right click and F12. In this regard, there are some good WordPress plugins that you can use directly, and today we recommend three plugins that have been installed more often than others.

WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click

WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click is the most installed plugin of this kind, reaching 10W+, which shows that its features are still recognized by many users. If you want maximum content protection, the paid version of this plugin should be a good choice.

Basic features.

Protect your content from selection and copying
No one can save the images on your website
No right-click or context menu
Displays alert messages, image ads or HTML ads when an image is saved or right-clicked
Disable the following shortcuts: CTRL + A, CTRL + C, CTRL + X, CTRL + S or CTRL + V.
Advanced and easy-to-use control panel
No one can right-click on an image on your website if you wish!
Paid version features.

Add watermark
Use of htacsess rules
Support for jquery override protection
Full control of right-click or context menus
Displays an alert message when the user right-clicks on an image, text box, link, plain text, etc.
Administrators can exclude homepages or individual articles from copy protection.
Administrators can disable copy protection for administrative users
3 layers of protection (JavaScript protection, RightClick protection, CSS protection)
Aggressive image protection (almost impossible for expert users to steal your images!)
Compatible with all major thematic frameworks
Compatible with all major browsers
Tested in IE9, IE10, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera
Disabling Image Drag & Drop
Available on smartphones and iPhones
Ability to set different levels of protection per page or per article
Download the plug-in at: http://wp101.net/plugins/wp-content-copy-protector/

WP Content Copy Protection with Color Design

WP Content Copy Protection with Color Design prevents copying of content from pages, stealing of data and images. You can also exclude certain pages and articles.

If someone right-clicks, it will display an alert window with a message. You can change the color of the alert window to match your website.

The plugin disables the selection of text and disables the ability to drag and drop images onto your computer. Once the text cannot be selected, users will not be able to press CTRL + C, CTRL + A, CTRL + X, CTRL + V, and CTRL + P.

You can also disable right-click without giving an alert window
You can change the alert message yourself
You can exclude logged in users from the options page
You can exclude pages and articles
You can set the protection to only protect specified pages and posts.
You can protect the print preview page (CTRL + P)
Download the plug-in at: http://wp101.net/plugins/wp-copy-protect-with-color-design/

Secure Copy Content Protection

Secure Copy Content Protection disables right-click, copy-paste, content selection and copy shortcuts on your website to prevent content theft and web crawling.

Basic features.

Content copy protection
warning text
Disable Left-Click
Disable right click
Disabling developer tools
No Drag & Drop
Disable F12
Disable CTRL + C
Disable CTRL + V
Disable CTRL + X
Disable CTRL + S
Disable CTRL + A
Style Settings
Paid version features.

Includes all free version features
Blocking by IP
Blockade by country
Block Rest api
Protection through user roles
Protection by article/article type
Protecting content with passwords
Paid content via PayPal
Wait, wait, wait, wait…
Download the plug-in at: http://wp101.net/plugins/secure-copy-content-protection/

There are benefits and drawbacks to protecting content from being copied. While it is possible to protect original content by prohibiting others from copying the content of a website for certain procedures, restricting common browser features may have a somewhat negative impact on page views and user experience. Also, if your site is a tutorial site with some development code, you can’t prohibit others from copying your code.

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