20 Best Affiliate Programs of 2020 (High Paying for Beginners)

in Make Money Online on October 30, 2020

E-Commerce Membership Program

  1. CJ Affiliate. It’s the go-to place to find offers from various vendors. Many of the programs from other verticals are partnered with CJ Affiliate. They claim that they have a record 400-day cookie lifetime, but you have to remember that many partner programs use a shorter lifetime.
  2. Shareasale. It shares a similar business model to our number one. Shareasale has even more offers to choose from than CJ Affiliate (6000 to 3000). The only reason it has fallen short of the first place is the ridiculously long cookie lifetime CJ Affiliate claims to have.
  3. Amazon Associates. One of the biggest affiliate programs on the planet. It has all the offers there are (around 12 million). The only problem is their short cookie lifetime (1day).
  4. Ebay Partner Network. Having even more offers than Amazon, it would seem like the perfect place for any affiliate. However, because of the auction model used by the majority of sales and the ridiculously short cookie lifetime, it cannot go any higher than the fourth place.
  5. Clickbank. It is a decent affiliate program that sells digital products. Because of this, their affiliate commission is very generous (40%) and it is calculated not as a percentage of what Clickbank earns (which is 7.5% plus 1$) but as a percentage of the offer owner’s revenue. Additionally, the payout is made twice a month, which is always welcome.

Travel Affiliate Programs

  1. Travelpayouts. The affiliate network of affiliate programs. They work with multiple brands and companies. Their commission (which is based on the CPA model) varies between offers what makes it easy to find a suitable one. The cookie lifetime is solid 30 days, much above industry’s average.
  2. Skyscanner. Partnered with CJ Affiliate, Skyscanner seems to be the best fit for travel enthusiasts. Their commission rate is solid (50% of their earnings) and 30-day cookie life is unmatched by their rivals. Skyscanner also provides its affiliates with good deals to advertise.
  3. Agoda. The above-the-average commission and a wide selection of offers makes it a decent choice for most. The cookie lifetime is short (1 day) but equal to most of their competitors, apart from Skyscanner.
  4. Booking.com. It has more offers than any other travel-oriented affiliate program. Their commission is good. If it wasn’t the appalling cookie lifetime (a cookie is lost once the browser is closed), it would take our number-one spot.
  5. Tripadvisor. It’s an OK affiliate program in terms of the usual indicators. The only thing that drags it down our ranking are the limited resources for affiliates, such as creatives.
  6. Airbnb. This is tricky. For some, it should occupy the number-one spot. The aforementioned initial requirement of having a website with at least one million monthly visitors is a strong statement of what kind of affiliates they expect. If you are a bigger player, Airbnb may be the best for you. For others, Airbnb is simply not an option.

Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

  1. WPengine. Like with all programs from this vertical, commission is fixed for every subscription plan they have. The minimum 200$ payout value is nothing when compared to the staggering 7,500$ maximum. The half-year cookie lifetime is very good and the brand is recognizable.
  2. Liquid web. It has slightly worse conditions than the winner ( still rather impressive $150 – $3,000) but it’s still a very good and popular affiliate program.
  3. Cloudways. Another solid affiliate program with much more modest commission ($50) but a very long cookie lifetime.
  4. Siteground. The fourth and fifth place should be shared ex aequo between Siteground and Kinsta affiliate programs. The thing that elevated Siteground a tad higher are customer-friendly weekly payouts.
  5. Kinsta. Last but not least but not first. Same commission (50$) and a cookie lifetime (60 days) as Siteground, but you have to wait a whole month to receive your payout.

Gaming Affiliate Programs

  1. Razer. If you are a gamer, there is not much to say. The company that is synonymous with gaming accessories and equipment. For every purchase you facilitate, you get a 5% commission. And those gaming products are not cheap. It’s a 5% slice of a big cake.
  2. Logitech. Known mainly for manufacturing gaming mouses and keyboards, yet they do so much more. Logitech is a more mainstream company than a specialized Razer, which should make promoting their offer easier. Their commission rate is only one percent lower than Razer’s.
  3. Alienware. Part of the Dell empire, this company specializes in making gamer-oriented laptops. Very, very expensive laptops. 4% of the 3,000$ makes it worth the trouble. This program can be found on CJ Affiliate.
  4. Nvidia. If you’ve never heard of Nvidia, then you must be a Muggle. Or a console player. They are willing to share with you 2% of their revenue for a sale. The 90-day cookie lifetime leaves plenty of wiggle room to finalize a deal.
  5. Microsoft. Their gaming affiliate program offers similar conditions to Nvidia’s but a shorter cookie lifetime (60 days). But everyone knows the brand for sure.

How to make money with affiliate marketing without a website?

I suggest that you don’t go down this road, you create a blog. Your blog should be the center of your universe, with other spokes emanating from your blog. You will usually have better conversion rates if you add value to your readers than if you promote your services directly. For that, you need a website.

Having said that, you can promote affiliate marketing through other mediums such as: social media, email, paid traffic and forums. While most of these have very strict policies with affliate links, so make sure you understand the rules before you do any affiliate marketing. For example, Facebook does not allow the use of affiliate link URLs in their ads.

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