20 Common and Essential WooCommerce Mall Feature Extensions Plugins

in WordPress Plugin on October 27, 2020

WooCommerce supports about a third of all online stores and has the same functionality as any other e-commerce platform. And, like WordPress, you can enhance it to use its full potential, such as increasing sales or allowing users to create wish lists of products and share them on social media.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to a range of plugins that enable anyone to extend the functionality of their online store. You may not need all of these features as some of them may already be available in a modern eCommerce WordPress theme, so I recommend that you check out the following plugins but install only those that are required for your website.

1.YITH WooCommerce Favorites List

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist helps you add wishlists with links to your website’s products to your store to increase indirect sales. Your users can create multiple Wishlists, manage or split them in the best way possible, share them to social networks, and even move products directly to their shopping cart.

I think such features also help people plan their spending and remind them of necessary or favorite products they need to buy. And the products listed in your store means more sales and better conversions.

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

2. YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier

YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier improves the user experience by giving users the opportunity to view larger photos of your product using a zoom effect. It allows you to add sliders to your product thumbnails, customize their behavior and zoom in and out areas. I know it’s a small improvement, but it can help people make buying decisions.

YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier

3. WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

With the WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips plugin, you can use templates to automatically generate fully customizable PDF slips and add them to your customers’ order confirmation emails. Alternatively, customers can download them from their account page and even create the slips manually – in different languages in bulk.

WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

4. WooCommerce is multilingual

This plugin is a sub plugin of WPML, if your site uses WPML as a multilingual plugin, and then install this sub plugin to add multiple languages and currencies to WooCommerce. How does this work? You can translate all your website content, including products, in different languages, and customers can choose any of the available languages.

The plugin maintains the selected language throughout the checkout process as well as when sending emails to customers. Surprisingly, it also allows tracking of inventory in the language of your choice. If you ask me, it’s best to support local languages as this means more traffic and therefore more sales.

WooCommerce Multilingual – run WooCommerce with WPML

5. YITH WooCommerce Quick View

You can use the YITH WooCommerce Quick View plugin to allow your customers to quickly view your products. They can read product descriptions, important features and their quality without having to wait for a new page to open. It helps them to focus on their products, check them quickly and make better purchases faster.

While this may seem like a small feature upgrade for any online store, it’s a very important feature if you ask me. I remember sometimes not being able to easily browse and check out products when switching to another online store.

YITH WooCommerce Quick View

6. WooCommerce Checkout Manager

The Checkout Manager for WooCommerce plugin allows you to customize and manage the fields on your online store checkout page. You can change the order of the fields, rename them, add the required fields or hide or disable them completely. It allows you to expand the checkout fields in the “Checkout”, “Shipping” and “Other” sections.

Using this plugin, you can allow customers to upload files, select order date and time, or enter more information on the checkout page. The plugin supports various types of input fields to suit your store’s needs. Surprisingly, it also allows you to add conditional fields that appear only when the condition is met.

Checkout Manager for WooCommerce

7. WooCommerce customizer

WooCommerce Customizer makes it easy for you to quickly customize or change different text and tags in your store. You can add or edit them without having to code or modify templates for quick testing. For example, you can add sales badge text, edit checkout page coupon text, and more.

WooCommerce Customizer

8. WooCommerce Custom Products Tab

With the Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce plugin, you can add custom tabs to your products to include additional information or images, in addition to the default “Description”. You can create tags and add them to or remove them from single or multiple products. Last but not least, you can use the RTF editor to write additional content.

Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce

9. Import products from any XML or CSV into WooCommerce.

To use the Import Products from any XML or CSV to WooCommerce plugin, you need to install WP All Import first.

You can use the bulk import feature of this plugin to easily add products from XML or CSV files in just a few minutes. The plugin allows you to drag and drop data from the file into the data fields to import them quickly. Surprisingly, the plugin supports importing files of any size so that you can easily migrate your products.

Import Products from any XML or CSV to WooCommerce

10. WooCommerce Product Exporter

The WooCommerce – Store Exporter plugin allows you to export your online store including products and metadata. You can customize, schedule and automate export tasks using a wide range of filters and options to generate clean, ready-to-use export files. That said, you can also use it to back up or migrate product information from your site.

For example, you can use this plugin to export product categories, product data, product types and variants, as well as information about orders, coupons, subscriptions, etc. to CSV, XML or any other format.

WooCommerce – Store Exporter

11. YITH WooCommerce Directory Model

The YITH WooCommerce Catalog Mode plugin allows you to switch your online store to an online catalog in no time at all. This means that you can easily perform maintenance operations or change your catalog data without having to close your site. This way, your store will not lose online visibility and customer trust.

YITH WooCommerce Catalog Mode

12. WooCommerce Currency Switcher

The WooCommerce Currency Switcher plugin allows your website customers to convert to other currencies and get the converted exchange rate in real time. It has three widgets for displaying the currency switcher, converter and exchange rate. In addition, you can add its shortcode to any widget or page to display the currency switcher.

Surprisingly, you can also configure the plugin to use your visitor’s geolocation data and automatically change the currency in your online store based on the customer’s country/region. In addition, you can configure fixed prices and GeoIP price rules for each product as needed.

WooCommerce Currency Switcher by PluginUs.NET. Woo Multi Currency and Woo Multi Pay

13. WooCommerce Inventory Manager

The WooCommerce Stock Manager plugin allows you to edit and manage products and their variables from a single screen. You can filter products by type, category, out of stock, stock status, and sort or search by name or ID. In addition, it allows you to import or export inventory data from CSV and other formats.

WooCommerce Stock Manager

14. WooCommerce extends coupon functionality

The WooCommerce Extended Coupon Features FREE plugin offers all the features related to coupons, for example, it adds features including automatic discount rules. It’s very easy to use as it’s integrated directly into WooCommerce’s “Edit Coupon” panel.

You can amaze your customers by automatically adding coupons and free products, shipping or payment methods to their shopping cart when all conditions are met. Using this plugin, you can increase customer love and loyalty.

WooCommerce Extended Coupon Features FREE

15. WooCommerce Custom Related Products

The Related Products for WooCommerce plugin gives you the option to choose which products to display in the Related Products area on the product details page. That said, you can override the basic functionality of displaying related products from the same category.

The plugin allows you to manually control the product details view and promote the desired products. This means that you can recommend better products to your users (as these are suggested manually) and attract more sales.

Related Products for WooCommerce

16. WooCommerce wholesale prices

The WooCommerce Wholesale Prices plugin enables you to configure wholesale prices for selected products and customers. You can edit prices quickly or in bulk, as well as variants of simple product types for easy management. For wholesale users, it will automatically display wholesale prices when they log in to their account.

WooCommerce Wholesale Prices

17. WooCommerce Portfolio Package

WPC Product Bundles for WooCommerce is built for store owners to create amazing deals by combining multiple products to sell together. It is a powerful plugin that promotes the sale of different product types while providing some reasonable revenue to the customers. It is a smart tool for enhancing cross-selling strategies on online WooCommerce stores. It is also optimized for search engines to improve the website rankings and ensure higher conversion rates.

WPC Product Bundles for WooCommerce

18. WooCommerce preference rules

Discount Rules for WooCommerce helps you create any type of bulk discounts, dynamic pricing, premium discounts, percentage discounts, product based discounts, tiered discounts for products. Offer product quantity based discounts, percentage or fixed amount based cart discounts or total order based discounts. Create Buy-One-Get-One (BOGO) deals and increase your sales by offering dynamic pricing and discounts based on categories, products, user personas, shopping cart items, purchase history, and more in Pro.

You can set discounts for products and product variations. You can also set discounts based on categories, attributes, customers, user roles in Pro. Discounts will be displayed on the product page, product details page, shopping cart, checkout, and email notifications.

Display the price discount table beautifully on the product page. Start selling more products and retaining customers by running promotions with the best dynamic pricing and discounts plugin for WooCommerce.

Discount Rules for WooCommerce

19. WooCommerce Change radio button

WPC Variations Radio Buttons for WooCommerce is specifically designed to help store owners bring a more accessible interface to their stores. When selecting an option from a variable product, customers now don’t have to click on each option or navigate from a drop-down list to get product information. By adding a radio button, all variants and all properties will be displayed on just one screen. Now, making decisions is a much less demanding task for your visitors.

WPC Variations Radio Buttons for WooCommerce

20. WooCommerce Perfect Brand

The Perfect Brands for WooCommerce plugin creates a new taxonomy in WordPress where you can add brand categories as well as brand logos or icons. It is easy to use and offers custom shortcodes and widgets in which you can display the listings of that brand nicely in your online store.

Perfect Brands for WooCommerce

sum up
In my opinion, these free WordPress plugins are great for every online store that is supported by WooCommerce. These plugins will help to enhance and expand your store and make it more user friendly in every possible way. It is also very feasible to purchase the Pro version if there is a need for some advanced features.

Special recommendation: yithemes is a very professional WooCommerce extension developer that basically covers all types of WooCommerce feature plugins, if you are looking for more plugins, you can go to their official website and choose to buy them: https://yithemes.com/product-category/ plugins/

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