10 Ways to Turn Your Blog Posts into Money

in Make Money Online on November 22, 2020

Have you ever read one of your previous articles and thought “why should I give away this wonderful knowledge for free”?

The good news is that these articles have the potential to make you money, quite possibly.

If your articles have very useful information, they can be turned into paid products. With a little effort, you can repurpose, repurpose, repackage, and reposition these old tools into a new shape.

And people will pay for them.

Yeah, it sounds illogical. Why don’t they just go back to blogging and read all the content for free?

In fact, most readers just won’t.

Fortunately, some will be more than willing to pay their hard-earned money in exchange for some of your content being presented in a more exotic, organized, user-friendly, and different format.

Here are 12 simple ways you can make money from these old files.

1. eBooks

Once you have accumulated 50 to 100 items or something similar, you have many items that can be repackaged into an Ebook. You can arrange and categorize your batch of items in different ways, or you can use the same items in multiple eBooks.

You can create one with the 20 articles that work best, another with your answers to readers’ questions, or a few small Ebooks on your most popular topics.

2. distance education courses

Print out some of your articles and read them over the phone. Browse through them, ask a few questions from your audience, and you’ll be able to teach the class remotely. Add a participation fee, or offer it for free, to generate more people.

Then sell other products to your live classes. Also sell recordings of your classes on your website. You can also use the recordings as a free offer to stimulate sales of strong products.

3. webinars

Add some fascinating slides to your distance learning course and you’ve got a well-equipped webinar that’s worth even more if it’s just basic recycling of items. Also, don’t forget to offer a time-limited product or service to collect some extra sales.

Paid Presentations

Do this webinar before you go live and get someone in your audience, not just live between sites and you’ll have another source of income.

4. person-to-person mentoring

Some people read your blog, but they just can’t figure it out. They can’t apply the knowledge you share to their own lives. They need personalized help to help them do that.

Put together a training session with your articles, spend a few hours on the phone with them, adapt your techniques to their situation, and charge a premium for the exclusive follow-up services you provide to a person.

5. a report in PDF format

Condense the essence of the article you used to create your presentation into a report that summarizes your key points and you can increase your price, both on the spot and later when selling the recording.

This report can also be used as a welcome gift to generate more subscriptions to your email list. And once you have a list, you can make sales. These reports are a major way to make money.

6.Build links between old projects and new offers

Once you’ve created these new Ebooks or webinars, you can turn these old items into permanent sales references by linking them to your new products. Prioritize the most popular items in your old inventory. Then, you can browse your blog and search for other articles that may work as well.

7. add tiny costs

Do you think you have any really good old stuff in your store? Go back to them and put them behind a small payment, a wall that will allow your readers to read some of them, but will offer them to pay less than a dollar to read the rest of the article.

8. post within your paid community

If you reorganize your blog posts by topic, you can present them as a course to your paying members. The more content you have in the community, the easier it will be for you to attract and retain those paying members who will appreciate the fact that you don’t have to search your blog from the beginning to the end for information.

9. Get paid as a freelancer.

If you want to get hired as a blogger, you can use your blog as a great “fodder” to attract clients. Add a “hire me” tag to your blog, but don’t forget to make sure your blog has a clean, crisp design and that your posts match your niche topic (yes, delete your YouTube posts about dancing pigs).

Secondly, target certain companies’ blogs to your radar and see if they need paid blogs.

10. Rewrite and resell

Once you’ve written about a topic on your blog, rewriting it for the paid market is often not very difficult.

Add a little bit of the latest news to your original article, take a few quotes or additional ideas from your other articles, find a new link to add to a similar article, mix them up and rewrite your article!



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