10 Best custom WordPress login, registration form of excellent plugins

in WordPress Plugin on October 21, 2020

WordPress has become one of the most popular open source site system, many websites now open the user registration and login function, however, WordPress default registration login form, regardless of appearance or function, is relatively simple, so, today advocate sprout will recommend 10 + custom WordPress login, registration form of excellent plugins.

Customize default login interface
If you want to customize the style of these pages, such as change the logo, title text, form style, etc., you can use the following plugins to do it.

Custom Login Page Customizer by Colorlib

Custom Login Page Customizer by Colorlib is a great and intuitive login page styling plugin that allows you to visually modify personalized login pages and login forms directly from the Appearance-Customizer interface (using the Customizer API). Customizable login page templates, custom login page logos, custom login page background options, custom login page form styles and more, all of which give you a completely new look and feel for your custom login page.

Custom Login Page Customizer by Colorlib

Login Designer

Login Designer is also one of the best login customizer plugins for WordPress. Although Login Designer is not the first WordPress plugin for designing custom login page styles, it offers a distinctive real-time editing experience based on the Customizer API.

Click on any element of the login page to fine-tune it. The settings for that element are shown in context, while the other elements are hidden. As a result, you’ll spend less time navigating through Customizer sections and panels and more time actually fine-tuning your site’s login page.

Custom Login Page Customizer – Login Designer


The LoginPress plugin has many custom fields that allow you to change the layout of your WordPress login page. You can even completely change the appearance of the login page, even including login error messages, forgotten error messages, registration error messages, forgotten password reminder messages, and more.

The LoginPress plugin will make you and your users feel like it’s part of a custom login page and website layout.

The LoginPress plugin is built using the Customizer API, which previews any changes to the WordPress layout in real time. So, with LoginPress, you can instantly preview changes to your login page. This login customizer plugin is very simple and does not require any coding skills. Simply provide options for each element on the login form and create a new custom login page in seconds.

Custom Login Page Customizer | LoginPress

Login/Signup Popup

A simple and lightweight plugin that makes the process of registering, logging in and resetting your password a breeze.
You get two awesome, fully customizable designs – a popup window called by a shortcode and an inline form where you can choose which fields to keep from the field manager.

Features and Options.
Support for Woocommerce
ajax no refresh
Login, Register, Forgot Password and Reset Password forms.
Customizable Fields
Fully customizable
WPML compatible
Some of the premium features are available for purchase.

Login/Signup Popup ( Inline Form + Woocommerce )

AJAX Login and Registration modal popup

Easy to integrate pop-up sign-in and sign-up functionality + inline forms using shortcodes. Compatible with any theme.

Plugin features.
Easy to integrate (as a pop-up or inline via shortcode)
Nice and customizable.
100% customization
Compatible with other plugins (WooCommerce, BuddyPress, Ultimate Member, WPML, etc.)
Compatible with Gutenberg
You can replace wp-login.php with customizable “Login”, “Register” and “Reset Password” pages.
Skin support (1 default skin + 2 new skins in PRO version) + customizable skin colors via WP Customizer.
Powerful post-login/registration/logout operations (reloads, redirects, etc.)
Role-based redirection (PRO)
Built-in reCaptcha and MatchCaptcha (PRO)
Google Authenticator plugin and Wordfence 2FA support (PRO)
Some features require the purchase of the PRO version for support.

AJAX Login and Registration modal popup + inline form

WP User Frontend

WP User Frontend is more than just a plugin for customizing login and signup forms, it also allows front-end post submission and editing of posts.

WP User Frontend is one of the best front-end builder plugins for WordPress. It includes front-end dashboard, front-end editor and publishing as well as front-end forms for WordPress user profile editing, post submission and membership.

Specific features of the free version are as follows.
Users can post in the foreground
Users can view and manage their own posts at the front desk.
Users can edit their personal data at the front desk
Administrators can set which levels of users are allowed to access the WordPress backend (/wp-admin).
You can set the status of a user’s new posts, e.g. Published, Draft, Pending Review, etc.
Notify the administrator by email when a user posts a new post.
Set whether users are allowed to edit and delete their posts.
Allow users to upload attachments when posting
Allows the user to set the featured image
Administrators can manage users from the front (add users, delete users, etc.)
Support paid article publishing (set whether users need to pay to publish articles)

WP User Frontend – Membership, Profile, Registration & Post Submission Plugin for WordPress

Ultimate Member

Ultimate Member is the #1 user profile and membership plugin for WordPress. The plugin makes it easy for users to sign up and become members of your site. The plugin allows you to add beautiful user profiles to your website, perfect for creating premium online communities and membership sites.Ultimate Member is lightweight and highly scalable, allowing you to create almost any type of website that users can easily join and become members of.

Features of the plugin include.
Front-end user profile
Front-end user registration
Front-end user login
Custom form fields
Conditional logic for form fields
Drag-and-drop form builder
User account page
Custom User Roles
Member Directory
User e-mail
Content restrictions
Conditional Navigation Menu
Show author’s posts and comments on user profile
Developer friendly, with many actions and filters
Some advanced features of the Ultimate Member require the purchase of extension plug-ins.

Ultimate Member – User Profile, User Registration, Login & Membership Plugin

User Registration

The User Registration plugin provides you with an easy way to create front-end user registration forms and login forms. Drag and drop fields make sorting and creating forms very easy. The plugin is lightweight, extensible and can be used to create any type of registration form.

In addition to registration forms, the plugin also supports beautiful front-end profile account pages for profile editing, password changes, logging out, and more. After registration, users can access their account page and view the details they have filled in and can make changes as needed.

User Registration has a 100% adaptive layout and is optimized to display on any device.

Features and Options.
Simple, clean and beautiful WordPress registration form
drag-and-drop field
Unlimited registry forms
Built-in login form
Front profile editing
Multicolumn design
Multiple form template designs
Short Code Support
Google reCaptcha support (v2 and v3)
Email notification
Email Customizer
Duplicate Form Options
Administrators approve registration options
Automatic login option
Email confirmation of registration
Enable/disable strong passwords
Default user role selection options
Support profile picture upload
Back-end form preview option
User data export in CSV format
Form Import and Export
User Registration Some advanced features require the purchase of an extension plug-in.

User Registration – Custom Registration Form, Login And User Profile For WordPress


RegistrationMagic is a powerful WordPress user registration plugin and WordPress registration form builder that gives you complete control over the user registration on your website. You can create different WordPress registration forms for your users using different predefined form fields. You can also set up payments for paid user registrations. The front-end user registration field allows your users to log in, reset their passwords, check their payment transaction history, download their form submissions, etc.

RegistrationMagic – Custom Registration Forms and User Login

Profile Builder

Profile Builder is an all-in-one user profile plugin for WordPress. Easy to use profile plugin for creating front-end login, user registration and editing profile forms using shortcodes. Restrict content based on user roles or login status. Manage user roles and features using the built-in role editor.

Drag and drop to reorder the user profile fields
Enable email confirmation (upon registration, users will receive a notification to confirm their email address)
Log in using only username, email or both
Forcing minimum password length and minimum password strength (using the default WordPress password strength table)
Assign specific roles to users during registration
Redirect users after login, register and edit profiles using redirect_url shortcode
Add links to register and lost passwords at the bottom of the login form.
Customizable user login widget
Add custom style sheet/inheritance values from the current theme, or use the default style sheet/inheritance values built into this plugin.
Admin bar settings: Choose which user roles to view the admin bar on the frontend
Choose which user profile fields are visible on the front end
Role Editor: add, edit, delete or clone user roles and features
reCAPTCHA Support for Profile Builder and WordPress Default Forms
Register and edit the “User Role Selection” field on the profile form
Content restriction: restrict content based on current user role or login status
Restrictions on WooCommerce store pages and products
Invisible reCAPTCHA support for Profile Builder forms and default WordPress forms.
Private Website: if you have a WordPress website and want it to be visible only to members, then this is the feature you want.
Professional Edition Features.
Create additional user fields (title, input, hidden input, number, checkbox, agree to terms checkbox, radio button,, textarea, WYSIWYG, reCAPTCHA, upload field, selection, user role selection, country/region selection, time zone selection, avatar upload, map, HTML, phone, date picker, time picker, color picker, custom validation fields, currency selection, CPT selection)
Add avatar uploads for users
Support for conditional fields
Front-end user list (fully customizable, including sorting)
Creating Multiple User Lists
Create user location map
Custom redirection
Multiple registry forms (set up multiple registry forms with different profile fields for certain user roles)
Multiple edit profile form
Administrator’s approval
Email Customizer (personalize all emails sent to your users or administrators; customize default WordPress registration emails)
Advanced modules (e.g., custom redirects, user lists, multiple registration forms, etc.)

User Registration & User Profile – Profile Builder

Easy Registration Forms

Easy Registration Forms allows you to create powerful user registration forms in WordPress. You can create as many forms as you want using all required fields. Allows you to create any type of form in WordPress, from simple contact forms to complex multi-step/multi-page registration forms. All submissions can be viewed in the WordPress admin dashboard under the “Submission Manager” area.

Feature list.
Super simple drag and drop form building interface.
Unlimited user registration forms.
Built-in user registration and contact forms with predefined fields.
Multi-step / multi-page forms.
Reporting System – Reports allow you to relay information (submissions) to relevant parties on a regular basis. You can create multiple reports to share different submission information with others. For each report, the system will generate a CSV file containing the submitted information (of your choice) and will send an email to all its recipients. In short, reports allow you to share selected information from a submission with multiple people.
Built-in login form widget.
Membership plans/products for WordPress memberships (using offline payment methods)
Custom user meta-field integration.
Background check of all submissions.
Support for all fields: text, text field, selection, checkbox, broadcast, email, phone, number, date, file, etc.
Predefined validation logic.
Masking patterns are supported. May be useful when dealing with revision formatting input.
User registration notification.
WordPress login name using the registration form (for front-end users).
Form access based on user roles.
Unique ID generation for each user registration.
Both one- and two-column layouts are supported.
reCaptcha configuration.
Multiple forms supported on one page.
Restrict forms by submission date or number of submissions
Adaptive form design.
Help identify jQuery conflicts.
Mail merge notification template
Submit tabs.
Multiple form layout options

Easy Registration Forms

Pie Register

Pie Register is a registration plugin for building user registration forms. It features a drag and drop form builder, invitation-only registration, email templates, conditional logic, data import and export, role-based redirection, and payment gateways.Pie Register is available in free basic/community and premium versions.

Community version.
Drag-and-drop form builder
Responsive and mobile-friendly
advanced field
Validate and verify registration
Invitation-only registration
membership fee
Spam Protection (ReCaptcha)
Restricting access to website content
Custom email notifications
Data Import/Export (user default data only)
PayPal Standard
File Upload
Admin Helper App
Advanced Edition Features.
Unlimited number of registry forms
Validate and verify registration
Invitation-only registration
conditional logic
Timed submission of forms
Can be based on the number of failed login attempts
Data import/export (users and settings)
user role
Role-based redirection
user control
Built-in form themes
Limiting widget visibility
Content restrictions
File Upload

Pie Register – User Registration Forms. Invitation based registrations, Custom Login, Payments


USERSWP is a lightweight user profile plugin. Use your favorite page builder to customize 100% of its design. Fully compatible with ELEMENTOR, OXYGEN, DIVI, BEAVER BUILDER, GUTENBERG and many other page builders.USERSWP features end-user profiles, user directories, registration and login forms.

While BuddyPress, Ultimate Member, Profile Builder and similar plugins are excellent, we wanted to create something lighter and easier to use.

It may not help with your server resources. Fewer options make it easy to set up, 100% compatibility with page guides, and more hooks allow developers to expand infinitely.

Plugin Features.
Drag and drop form builder with various custom fields for the user’s profile.
Login form shortcodes
Registry shortcode
Shortcode for editing account forms
Shortcode of the user directory
The shortcode of the user’s personal data
Password recovery form shortcode
Changing the Short Code of the Password Form
Resetting the shortcode of the password form
Author box shortcode
Custom menu items, such as login/logout links and links to related pages.

UsersWP – User Profile & Registration

User Meta

User Meta is a well-designed, feature-rich and easy-to-use WordPress user management plugin that allows users to log in, reset their password, update their profile and register users with additional fields, all from the front page.

The free version already includes many of the default WordPress fields, as well as a few other commonly used ones. The free version also includes an avatar upload field, and many of the plugins for this are basically only available in the paid version.

USER META PRO (paid version) includes more flexible custom fields such as multiple choice, file upload, image url, phone number, number, title, HTML, Google captcha, and more.

Front-end user login.
Front-end custom user login by username or email.
Front-end password reset.
Allow users to update their profile on the front end.
Add additional fields to the custom user profile.
Front-end user registration via shortcode.
Add additional fields to the custom user registration.
Add profile link to user list page.
Field and form editors for custom front-end user profile editing and registration.
Create unlimited forms for custom user registration or profile.
Display role-based user profiles. Users with different roles can see different profile forms.
Users can use different registration forms to register accounts with different roles.
Display user avatars (ajax and non-ajax) to profile and registration pages.
Modify the default email sender information (let your users get emails from your preferred name and email (而不是[email protected]))
Use conditional logic to show/hide fields based on other fields.

User Meta – User Profile Builder and User management plugin

sum up
There are so many recommended plugins for WordPress registration and login today that it’s hard to test and suggest which ones are better, but the recommended installations are mostly 1W-5W, or even 10W+, and they all stay updated with good frequency. It’s well worth trying. It should be noted that the free version of the plugin is definitely weaker in function, and if you have the conditions, it is recommended to buy the corresponding advanced version to use, after all, there will be revenue to develop and maintain the motivation.

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