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The New England Academy of Tennis participants hold a combined total of over 950 USTA tournament titles including 23 sectional championships, 17 national championships, 6 individual state high school championships and 43 regional and national sportsmanship awards. In addition, over 90% of Academy graduates go on to play college tennis. Our coaching staff has over 130 years of combined experience working with competitive junior tennis players.

The Academy provides athletes with a training environment that integrates all aspects of being a competitive tennis player, including modern and advanced technique, tactical development, physical skills, mental skills and nutrition. In addition, we have a resource center connected to our website with on line learning modules, a video library and a parent resource center directed by David Benzel of “Growing Champions for Life”.

In addition to our core program, we also offer a “home schooling” program known as our STARS Program (stand-out tennis athletes and responsible students). This program is designed for elite players who are on an alternative home, public and private school educational pathway. The STARS Program affords players additional training opportunities prior to school, early afternoons and late evenings. Coupled with the extra training time, STARS program athletes will also participate in leveled match play known as Universal Tennis Ratings (UTR) events with other Academies on the east coast. The Academy STARS program has a number of criteria required to participate and requires approval of the Academy Director.

Academy players will have access to their own match analytics through our Tennis Film Lab service. The analytics will be mined from USTA tournaments, in-house match play and any other source of competition that may be captured on our cameras or the player's own source. This new component to our player development pathway allows us to identify specific trends of how and where winning happens for the individual player. For more details on our Tennis Film Lab, please refer to the link in header at the top of this page.

We also use our own app called HOPLU as a tool to communicate with our players, parents and coaching staff. We upload video to player's accounts, evaluate their progress, communicate goals and and get real time feedback from a player's post experience. This tool is also linked to a player's private coach if they happen to be outside of the Academy

If you have the commitment and desire to push yourself as an athlete, we will equip you with the tools that will help you achieve excellence on and off the court.

New for the 2018-2019 Season

The Academy now offers Orange and Green developmental classes. This invitation only program is for players with desire to compete in more tournament play. Selection criteria includes but is not limited to athleticism, sportsmanship, work ethic, and overall commitment to improvement. The classes will focus on building a strong and proper foundation for long term competitive development and play. The program will also provide match play opportunities with other programs, JTT events, as well as video analysis and mental toughness classes. For information and potential selection for this program, please contact Kelly Day.