Universal Tennis Ratings

The New England Academy of Tennis supports the international efforts to bring level based play to tournament competition through tennis ratings versus tennis rankings. The fundamental difference between the two are:

  1. Ratings considers the skill level of the opponent you beat where rankings rewards the rounds you won in an event.
  2. Ratings provides a more accurate measure of a players actual skill level. The pioneers behind this effort is a movement called Universal Tennis Ratings or UTR.

UTR assigns a player numerical value on a scale of 1-16 value based on results from USTA, ITF, High School, Special Events, College and Pro Tennis tournaments. The objective of level based play is to create a competition model where all matches are competitive, therefore increasing the joy and value of players experience.

The New England Academy of Tennis match play program and like events use the UTR system for all draws. All results from our match play are reported to the UTR and applied to a players UTR world rating. To learn more about your rating and understand the value and applications of UTR, please navigate to universaltennis.com. You can also follow them on Facebook at Universal Tennis Ratings.

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